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Talisman Sabre Prompts U.S Embassy Visit

Talisman Sabre Prompts U.S Embassy Visit


Off the back of the recent success of Talisman Sabre, U.S. Embassy Charge d’Affaires, Doug Sonnek visited Townsville today to discuss trade, export and economic opportunities between the United States and Australia. 

Mr Sonnek, who is the most senior American Diplomat in Australia, spoke to industry leaders about the crucial link North Queensland will play in strengthening the nation’s relationship with the United States and explored how Talisman Sabre and our bilateral alliance is paving the way for future collaboration. 

Hosted by Smart Precinct NQ and featuring other invited guest speakers, the event highlighted the crucial role local businesses across Mining, Defence, Technology, Agriculture, Sport and other key sectors will play in the global sphere. 

“The Talisman Sabre exercise between the United States and Australian service members has demonstrated how important our alliance is to both countries,” Mr Sonnek explains. 

“The United States and Australia enjoy a tremendously close economic relationship, and we are looking at the areas in which our history of trust and experience together enables us to collaborate on strategic important industries and emerging technologies like space cooperation, critical minerals, advanced battery materials and manufacturing.

“There are certainly lots of opportunities, particularly since many of the companies in North Queensland that we talked to today will play an important role in that future.”

Smart Precinct NQ Chief Operating Officer, Miranda Mears with U.S. Embassy Charge d’Affaires, Doug Sonnek.

Austcyber Townsville Innovation Node Manager and Smart Precinct NQ Chief Operating Officer Miranda Mears says the Charge d’Affaires’ visit showcases the importance of North Queensland and U.S. relations. 

“We are proud to host Mr Sonnek on his visit to Townsville and have the opportunity to showcase Industry and local entrepreneurs that call North Queensland home, and the benefits their concepts and projects can have internationally,” Miranda says. 

“This meeting has the potential to have our local talent recognised, but also to provide a significant economic and jobs boost across the North.”

By Georgie Desailly.



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