Cultural Trailblazer

A difficult childhood can make or break a person. In the case of Alana Kennedy, CEO of Ochre Bloke, it has made her a resilient entrepreneur, and an inspiration to Indigenous people everywhere in realizing that the challenges were in fact “moments of impact”. Growing up in a remote location overcoming challenges like identity disconnection, […]


It’s Only Natural: Australian Nutrition Centre

ALTHOUGH COMMON IN THE UNITED STATES, FUNCTIONAL AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE IS STILL A RELATIVELY NEW CONCEPT IN AUSTRALIA, WITH MANY PEOPLE COMMITTED TO THEIR SIDE OF MEDICAL OR NATURAL MEDICINE. James Jensen of the Australian Nutrition Centre, one of only a few of its kind in Australia, has combined his knowledge of pharmaceutical and natural […]


The Woman at the Helm of the Startup State: Leanne Kemp

Queenslands own internationally renowned digital pioneer, Leanne Kemp, is proving the sentiment ‘the future is female’ as the state’s newest – and first female – Chief Entrepreneur. Leanne Kemp has taken over the reigns as Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur from investor, entrepreneur and television ‘shark’, Steve Baxter, who praised Leanne’s achievements saying they have “put her at the cutting […]


POINT OF SAIL: Race Week Adding Boom To The Region

Legend has it that Magnetic Island got its name when Captain Cook exclaimed that the island had a strange magnetic effect on his compass as he sailed through our waters in 1770. Whatever the explanation, there’s no denying that the unique pull exerted by ‘Maggie’ continues to lure crowds in their droves to this quintessential […]