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Maggie Tour Best of the Best

A Magnetic Island small business is making big waves as a world leader in the tourism industry after being recognised for giving tourists a first-class North Queensland experience. Aquascene Charters Magnetic Island have been in operation for 17 years with owners Steph and Adam Hinks starting the business to share their love of Magnetic Island with […]

The Game Changers for 2022 & Beyond

From time to time, communities are impacted by a significant investment or event that changes its focus or direction for the next generation. In 2022, North Queensland will experience several private sector projects that will be catalytic, enabling further major investment, particularly in new industries. Two dominant catalytic projects for the region are: COPPERSTRING 2.0 […]

Cleaning Up the World

A locally produced disinfectant has taken the world by storm with their innovative solutions to successfully tackling the after effects of natural disasters and now the Coronavirus pandemic. After 10 years of development in North Queensland, Townsville based company Natroshield has been gaining global traction for their 100 percent plant-based disinfectant, which founder and director, […]