Evolution of Master Jewellers

Well-known jewellery designers Kim Bartlett Master Jewellers have bucked the trend this year, growing their customer base thanks to their reputation for quality craftmanship. The family owned and operated business has been trading and growing in Townsville since Kim and Judi opened their first workshop in 1974, with son Jay joining the business as an […]


Frozen Goodness Growing Beyond NQ

When Sharda Nanda immigrated to Australia from Nepal in 2007, his priority was finding work in his profession as an engineer to support his family. Now he is the founder of Simsha, a national supplier of quality frozen fruit grown in North Queensland, with plans for future growth underway. Sharda was grateful to find work […]

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The iScope: Digital Revolution of Medical Devices for GPs

Doctor Olaf Ruskoke-Dierich is the first to point out that traditional eye, ear and skin examination devices simply do not meet the needs of today’s general practitioners or patients. The medical device sector is undergoing a massive transition from analogue to digital devices and services. Currently, there is a high demand from doctors for digital […]


POINT OF SAIL: Race Week Adding Boom To The Region

Legend has it that Magnetic Island got its name when Captain Cook exclaimed that the island had a strange magnetic effect on his compass as he sailed through our waters in 1770. Whatever the explanation, there’s no denying that the unique pull exerted by ‘Maggie’ continues to lure crowds in their droves to this quintessential […]

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