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Engineering Solutions for Tomorrow

When it comes to delivering engineering solutions, TEi Services are all about ingenuity and tradition. TEi keep ‘one eye on the past’ as they carry forward more than 50 years of proven experience and commitment to delivering quality projects and embracing technology. Since establishment in 1968 TEi Services have built a reputation of excellence in […]

Talisman Sabre Prompts U.S Embassy Visit

Off the back of the recent success of Talisman Sabre, U.S. Embassy Charge d’Affaires, Doug Sonnek visited Townsville today to discuss trade, export and economic opportunities between the United States and Australia.  Mr Sonnek, who is the most senior American Diplomat in Australia, spoke to industry leaders about the crucial link North Queensland will play […]

A Force in the North

Two local companies have joined forces to keep quality service in the North. In April, OnBoard I.T. announced that they would be merging with ADITS; a decision that will allow both companies to maintain a strong presence within the region, working together for their local community. They both now share the same mission: Implement progressive […]

10 Tech Safety Holiday Tips

Easter Holidays are starting which means its time to swap suits for swimmers, and desks for deckchairs!  The ability to work remotely gives many of us the option of extending our family holiday time away while staying on top of work requirements, however it’s important to consider these 10 Tech Safety Tips to keep you, and […]

JCU 2018 Technology Design Sprint

In october 2018, James Cook University held its third annual technology design sprint, with 350 Townsville students and 30 industry partners from across Australia participating in the leading edge, academic event. Based on a Google model and initiated by JCU’s Associate Professor and Head of Information Technology, Trina Myers in 2015; the Australian first, curriculum-based […]

A Natural Investment

Our unparalleled biodiversity and abundance of creepy crawlies makes North Queensland the perfect backdrop for the first regional biotech startup out of James Cook University to hook into their groundbreaking research program targeting autoimmune diseases. Introducing a bloodsucking organism into our body to combat an attack on our immune system. Sounds like the plot of […]

Queensland the Analog State

Queensland has long been wildly successful at producing and exporting primary resources to the world. But when it comes to technology, consumption far outweighs production. The technology sector has become the backbone of every other business segment and is absorbing revenue and jobs from traditional industries at an exponential rate. Queensland farms and mines are […]

Industry 4.0

Most of us would agree, with the proposition that technology has and will continue to have a transformational impact on society. While many of the effects of technology today are overwhelming positive and have improved our quality of life and have economic stability, there is growing concern about the disruptive impact of emerging technologies. Developments […]

Touch of Technology and a Pinch of Pepper

Townsville Hospital is offering an innovative approach to patient care with the addition of ‘Pepper’ the robot to their staff roster over the course of the next few months. It’s a pioneering project for our region’s major health hub, as the first hospital in Australia to trial the machine with social abilities, whose number one […]

Not so Secret Code

The Regional Australia Institute has predicted that one in two jobs in Australia is expected to require high-level programming and IT skills within 15 years. Yes, half of all future jobs. Australian kids seem to be fitting this trend, now spending more time online than they are in front of the television. So, it makes sense, […]