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The Marine Science Saving Our Backyard

The Great Barrier Reef protects Queensland’s important coastal infrastructure and provides more than $4 billion dollars and over 33,000 jobs to the Queensland economy. It is not news to any of us that due to recent mass bleaching events and the continuous effects of climate change, the reef is in dire need of assistance.  However, […]

Young Entrepreneurs Create Sustainability App

During the week, Erin, Imogen, and Isabella, are your typical Year 6 Heatley State Primary School students. But when the afternoon bell rings, these young girls are the co-founders and creators of a new and upcoming sustainability app aiming to prevent waste by educating young people on the 6R’s of recycling.  Thanks to the support […]

Manufacturing the Future of our Region

North Queensland’s first hardwood and agricultural plastic recycling facility is preparing to create regional jobs and turn local waste into value-add products. Qplas Pty Ltd. is combining recycled agricultural plastics with waste timber from African Mahogany plantations in North Queensland to produce cost-effective and durable plastic composite products.  Qplas founder and Chairperson Sandra Richards says […]

Innovation on Home Soil

A world first project that has seen three local businesses collaborate to convert weed and waste products into high value soil additives is preparing to launch for the first time this month. New ‘for purpose’ business venture, Atlas Soils, is striving to improve local soil health and resource efficiency in the Townsville landscape by turning […]

Accelerating Social Entrepreneurs Across North Queensland

North Queensland’s social entrepreneurs will get access to Australia’s best dedicated social innovation accelerator to help scale their impact and their business, with a new training program from CQUniversity and Smart Precinct NQ.   iActivate is CQUniversity’s innovative short course for developing a social enterprise or “business for good”, and Townsville is set to host the […]

Steaming Up Restaurant Profitability

What drives restaurant profitability in today’s age? This is the sector’s biggest question, and one that Restaurant Profitability Expert and industry thought leader, Ivan Brewer, has dedicated his career to solving. He is currently in the process of launching the world’s first hospitality profit software that is set to revolutionise how the sector operates and […]

Making Sharing Socials Simple

Tap, share, and instantly connect. This is the concept behind husband and wife duo, Mia and Chad Dickson’s newest business venture. The couple have created the ultimate COVID safe solution to replace business cards and make sharing socials simple with Social Dot.  “Social Dot was born out of huge frustration and the desire to solve […]

Investing in Startups has potential to pay off for all

Potential investors can now gain world class insight on how to support and contribute to a vibrant, innovative ecosystem of high-growth businesses in Townsville, thanks to the upcoming Investors Evening on Thursday, 26th November.  Smart Precinct North Queensland, Business and Investment Lead, Lydia Canovas, is curating the event, and says education within the sector is […]