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5 Minutes With… Shannon Delaney of 3D Canvas

Shannon Delaney from 3D Canvas - 5 Minutes With... BDmag 2023

POV: You buy a 3D printer and get completely hooked, so you start a business that creates instructional 3D imagery. Shannon Delaney of 3D Canvas tells us more about her journey in our latest “5 Minutes With…” along with her business challenges and how she keeps herself motivated.

Tell us about yourself and 3D Canvas.

Hi, I am Shannon and I am the owner of 3D Canvas. I got into 3D design when I first bought a 3D printer. I loved printing out random things for my friends but I soon wanted to print my own designs. Once I learnt a little, I was addicted and spent the next two years learning everything I could about 3D modelling and animation. I finally decided it was time to turn the passion into a business.

At 3D Canvas, I specialise in creating product assembly videos by building the product in 3D software, and then animating the process of how the customer should assemble, install or use the product. I also create explainer videos for any type of service or procedure that a business may have. This may be demonstrating a specific process, explaining a concept, or showcasing a service that the business offers.

Depending on the business or product, I can make the videos look super realistic and authentic, or make them cartoony and fun. The main aim of the videos are to improve the customer experience and reduce customer support enquiries for the business. I pride myself on making accurate videos that are super simple for the customer to follow along and understand.

Screenshot taken from chair assembly video by Shannon Delaney of 3D Canvas.
Screenshot taken from 3D Canvas instructional video (see below for final result)

What has been the most challenging aspect of starting/owning 3D Canvas?

One of the biggest challenges I’ve come across is getting 3D Canvas in front of our target audience. It has been a big learning curve fine tuning the process of how to reach and connect with businesses that need and want what we offer. On top of this, I would describe myself as introverted, so putting myself out there and promoting the business is a big step outside of my comfort zone.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I have a background in health, previously having careers in Paramedicine and Pathology. I also love watching Rugby League and I am a die hard Eels supporter. Although I have yet to see them win a premiership, I am hoping this might happen sometime before I am 80. In life you have got to dream big!

What is the best piece of career or business advice you have ever received?

Whenever I feel discouraged, encounter a challenge, or experience failure or setbacks, I listen to Les Brown who is an amazing motivational speaker. He talks about being hungry (not the food type). Wanting something is not enough. You must be hungry for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.

Going forward, what is next on the cards for 3D Canvas?

As a new business, the focus at the moment is building brand awareness and a strong client base. I’m looking forward to growing the business and discovering new opportunities.

You can find out more by following me on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Main image – Shannon Delaney, Owner & Founder of 3D Canvas.

Images Credits – All images supplied.

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Compiled by the BDmag editorial team


Compiled by the BDmag editorial team