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Experience Simplified Safety with Safetyhut

Experience Simplified Safety with Safetyhut | BDmag July to September 2023

Embarking on the WHS legislation journey

The seemingly complex world of Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation has been made more accessible, less daunting, and affordable for everyone thanks to a simplified service offering from Safetyhut.

Under the expert guidance of Founder and Director, Bruce Irvine, Safetyhut has refined a unique approach to the detailed landscape of WHS obligations, including the ability to produce cost effective, personalised training videos for organisations.

Studio Production Manager, Sharif Jacobson, explains that by leveraging Bruce’s extensive knowledge and collective experience in WHS and related legislation, they have developed a methodology that transforms these obligations into manageable, understandable steps, which is further enhanced by their expansive professional network.

“Safetyhut’s streamlined platform consolidates all requirements, empowering businesses to display proactive measures taken to prevent serious injuries and fatalities,” he says.

“Through a cost-effective partnership with training platform, Workhub, we offer an array of modules to simplify the navigation of WHS legislation.

“Workhub presents fully populated online training videos designed specifically for Australia, with the added flexibility to incorporate your own custom content. As part of our affordable solutions, we include the development of client-branded videos for the Learning Management System (LMS) module, procedures, and orientations.”

Example of a Safetyhut training video featuring Studio Production Manager, Sharif Jacobson | Safetyhut | BDmag July to September 2023
Example of a Safetyhut training video featuring Studio Production Manager, Sharif Jacobson

Safetyhut’s certificate tracking module ensures all employee certifications are up to date, and the policy management module allows organisations to publish, edit, and manage workplace policies and procedures, including video procedures, with version control and employee acknowledgement tracking.

“Our platform further enhances workplace safety with features like inspection management for scheduled inspections and notifications and simplified incident reporting,” Sharif continues.

“Preloaded with links to local safety regulations and guidance, Workhub also maintains a safety data sheet module for your workplace materials and offers audit preparation tools.

“At Safetyhut, we understand that WHS isn’t merely about ticking boxes—it’s about cultivating a culture that prioritizes safety, health, and productivity. We believe a business that places safety at the forefront is a business set to flourish. We invite you to join us on this journey towards simplified, smarter, and affordable safety with Safetyhut. Experience the difference our expertise, expansive network, and cost-effective solutions bring.”

Simplified WHS Safety training with Safetyhut

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Compiled by the BDmag editorial team


Compiled by the BDmag editorial team