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Training Course Aims to Create Inclusive Workforce

Townsville-based boutique disability consulting and training organisation, Towards Better, is preparing to launch a three-week Social Role Valorisation (SRV) training series aimed to foster inclusive workforces that when offering the right development opportunities, have the potential to harness the unique skills of a currently untapped market of prospective employees. Ricky Esterquest, Managing Partner of Towards Better and […]

Businesses encouraged to sign up for Council procurement meetings

It’s Only Natural: Australian Nutrition Centre

ALTHOUGH COMMON IN THE UNITED STATES, FUNCTIONAL AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE IS STILL A RELATIVELY NEW CONCEPT IN AUSTRALIA, WITH MANY PEOPLE COMMITTED TO THEIR SIDE OF MEDICAL OR NATURAL MEDICINE. James Jensen of the Australian Nutrition Centre, one of only a few of its kind in Australia, has combined his knowledge of pharmaceutical and natural […]

Training Course Aims to Create Inclusive Workforce

Strong voice for women a hit

THERE ARE A GROWING NUMBER OF WOMEN INFLUENCING OUR NATIONAL AIRWAVES, CONTRIBUTING TO CONTEMPORARY CULTURE AND SHAPING THE FUTURE OF OUR AUSTRALIAN RADIO INDUSTRY. The gender imbalance on our nation’s airwaves is still prevalent however, with a report indicating that 3 times more men than women are waking up our nation presenting breakfast shows across the country. Mumbrella […]

Training Course Aims to Create Inclusive Workforce