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Balancing Act

Jools Munro from Explore Property Munro & Co explains why choosing an agent who cares about the buyer experience is a win-win for everyone. Balancing Act | BDmag October 2023
Why choosing an agent who cares about the buyer experience is a win-win for everyone.

There is no doubt that a real estate agent engaged to sell your home should act in your best interests but Explore Property Munro & Co’s Jools Munro cautions that consideration should also be given to choosing an agent who balances your interests with a transparent and professional service to the buyer.

“As a regional city, Townsville continues to be under the magnifying glass of interstate and out-of-town investors, which is boosting our growth economically and energetically,” explains Jools.

“In Queensland, every buyer is entitled to conduct a pre-settlement inspection of the property they are about to take possession of to ensure it is indeed what was marketed to them, and this is enormously undervalued by buyers, agents, and solicitors.

“A large number of out-of-town buyers are not physically able to inspect the properties they are buying, and we passionately believe that it is important for agents to offer a transparent procedure.

“We work with the buyer to ensure that through modern technology or by appointing a third-party to inspect the premises, they fully understand the asset they are taking possession of.”

Jools believes that not only is it the ethical responsibility of real estate agents to ensure they are doing the right thing by both parties, but it ensures Townsville maintains a positive image to investors.

“Townsville will want to prosper forever, not just for a property cycle,” says Jools.

“A transparent pre-settlement is better for Townsville’s longevity as a growth city to ensure we continue to be on the radar for out-of-town investors.

“At Munro & Co, we know that the easiest path is not always the best, and we will always conduct business in a balanced and ethical way.

“Our property sellers and buyers can trust we are achieving the best possible outcome while proudly marketing Townsville as an ideal location to live and invest.”

Explore Property Munro & Co.
Committed to Townsville. Any Home. Any Where.
Balancing Act | BDmag October 2023

Main image: Jools Munro of Explore Property Munro & Co.

Image credits: All images supplied.

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Compiled by the BDmag editorial team


Compiled by the BDmag editorial team