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Wayne Gilray and Adele Scott – Garden of Eating

For over 27 years, Wayne and Adele’s, Garden of Eating, has been one of Townsville’s hidden gems. Known for its unique style of menu and quirky decor, their restaurant has long been the epitome of romantic dining. With a combined 40 years of experience in the restaurant trade, Wayne and Adele’s romantic courtyard and shared passion for producing quality cuisine has made Garden of Eating a popular destination for weddings and proposals. We talked to the couple about what they have learnt over their 27 years of being in business together, and why they say they wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Wayne & Adele’s Garden of Eating, South Townsville

1.   The two of you met while working in a restaurant in your hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand. What were some of the factors you had to weigh up before deciding to go into business together?

WAYNE: We met in 1978 in our hometown of Christchurch at a Restaurant, Theatre and Function complex. It was 15 years before we decided to go into business together and open Garden of Eating in South Townsville. Over that 15 years we both continued to work in hospitality, and take a huge interest in food trends and dining experiences. 

ADELE: With Wayne’s food vision and my decor vision we knew we could jointly have something take shape that was different and unique. We both agreed it had to be small, customers needed the opportunity to bring their own wine choice, and to have an indoor and outdoor setting. We really didn’t feel we had to weigh much up when it felt like the right path to be taking.

2.   You have done an incredible job turning what was once a closed pizza shop into the renowned and respected Garden of Eating. Have you each found your own niche within the business, or do you both collaboratively work on all aspects of it together? 

WAYNE: We have a lot of collaboration in the whole of the restaurant package, from the menu decisions and names, to any changes made in the look of the restaurant. We jointly love to keep everything a little quirky and unique. 

ADELE: As for the actual cooking, I leave all that up to Chef Wayne, and I look after the customers!

3.   After 27 years, what is something that continues to surprise each of you about working together? 

ADELE: After 27 years, we still find it hard to believe it has really been that long. It’s lovely to have consistently new customers, along with all our regulars, that come in and say they didn’t know we existed, or had finally been able to come to us. 

WAYNE: We love it when people have ‘found us’, as much as we love being a hidden secret.

ADELE: Over 27 years in our restaurant, we must have indeed found our middle ground! We wouldn’t have it any other way!

4. What has been the best part about being both partners in life and in business?

ADELE: Having the same interests, especially with where we have travelled, and what we have done while on those travels, and in business, such a good part has been the friends we have made along the way through the restaurant.

WAYNE: Lifelong friends that share our love of travel, food and wine, and music. We feel very proud that we have created what we have done, and lent our personalities to the establishment.

5.   What advice would you give to other husband and wife teams who are considering going into business together or collaborating in some form? 

WAYNE: The key to working together is to keep the business small, close up for a decent break and get away when you can. A 3-4 week holiday or short breaks is what we have always put into place for ourselves. 

ADELE: Having so much passion for the industry keeps the motivation going. Townsville has been perfect for the Garden of Eating and perfect for us!

This was originally published in our February Issue. Check it out here >>>>



Compiled by the BDmag editorial team


Compiled by the BDmag editorial team