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Nourishing Her Business

When Shelley Grainger was forced to step back and diversify her business, not only did it herald the start of a significant growth period, but put her in a much better position to trade throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Since starting with a small market stall in 2013, Nourishing Bites has established a loyal following of […]

A network of local support was the key ingredient for a speciality cake-decorator keeping her business open during the lockdown. Over the space of a few days Laura Dawson, from Cute as a Cupcake, lost over eighty-five percent of her business when all large gatherings, including weddings, were banned due to COVID-19 restrictions. Laura’s primary […]

Family Business A Recipe For Success

From the Italian restaurant created with Nonna’s famous recipes passed down through generations to the Fairfax dynasty created by Kerry Packer, family businesses come in every variation and make up a whopping 70 per cent of all Australian businesses – employing more than 50 per cent of the workforce. The truth is that there are […]


Shopping locally is like eating your two fruit and five veg. You know you should do it, you know it’s the right thing to do, but sometimes you get lazy and skip it. The thing is, just like skipping a healthy meal and choosing greasy takeaway, not shopping locally actually has its own effects too. […]


Townsville is smack-bang in the middle of a gourmet food bowl that is producing a range of world-class foods to suit every taste bud and budget. From the graziers and their herds of cattle in the west to the local fisherman who give us bounds of succulent seafood fresh from the reef. We’ve slowly upgraded […]


Townsville –incredibly diverse, wonderfully accessible and easy on the budget. It’s exactly what businesses love. It’s also why nationally successfully brand, The Coffee Club, choose to make Townsville their home for product and trend-testing. The Coffee Club’s very own Advisory Council Chairman, Carolyn McManus, even calls this slice of paradise home. She says there are […]


Leaving the comfort of a stable job to pursue your dream business is a terrifying thought. Yet it’s exactly what Sarah Adams did – and she’s never looked back. After landing a stable job at Townsville City Council, Sarah thought she was set. Soon after, she realised she wasn’t getting “those feel good moments” in […]

Banana flower? Now that’s new!

Natural Evolution is the company. As a flip-flop-wearing teenager in Hawaii, freelance writer Alexis Cheung would pore over fashion magazines, daydreaming about what she’d wear in a climate with four distinct seasons. Now, after living in New York for eight years, her style has evolved into something more urban, but it still has the laid-back […]