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Exploring New Horizons

Jools and Errol Munro with Andrew Acton (centre) of Explore Property | Exploring New Horizons | BDmag July 2023

Munro & Co’s strategic move to join Explore Property

A commitment to support local businesses, nurture their team’s growth, and deliver the best financial outcomes for their clients were the driving forces behind Munro & Co’s recent decision to join the Explore Property franchise.

As proud Townsville business owners themselves, Errol and Jools Munro place a huge value on contributing positively to the economic growth of the region, and over the past twelve months they have been working on bringing every element of their business activity to local business providers and suppliers.

“We want to be the business who use Townsville people and support local,” explains Jools.

“Once Errol and I started embarking on the localisation of our suppliers and business allies, we started to look more closely at who Munro & Co were aligned with for real estate services.

“We questioned how can Munro & Co give the best results to property sellers and landlords? How do our morals, work ethics and values ensure our clients get the best result every day in their property journey? How can we support our employees, the backbone of our business, to bring their best versions of themselves to work in service of others? Who is actually supporting Munro & Co to achieve this?”

Errol and Jools quickly realised that home-grown real estate franchise, Explore Property, was the perfect fit for them, offering the tools and skills to continue building their business based on strong principles. Founded by Andrew Acton in 2014, Explore Property is devoted to the regional needs of business owners and their clients, and boasts some of North Queensland’s leading agents, with 12 offices in Queensland and two in Western Australia.

“In the past, we have found looking for inspiration from ‘big city businesses interstate and the South East Queensland corner’ did not align with our passion for obtaining the best results for our clients in our regional community,” explains Jools.

Explore Property Munro & Co sales team | Exploring New Horizons | BDmag July 2023
Munro & Co Sales Team (L-R): Julie Goddard, Wendy Litster, Craig Allom, Errol Munro, Jools Munro, Emily Wood, Mandy Resegati, Mark Pritchard, and Laura Place

“In contrast, Explore Property is a grass roots, service driven brand who focus on clients receiving the best results every time, every day…not on the hip pocket of the agent or the franchisor.

“Explore Property aligns perfectly with our values, and we’ve been impressed by the moral and ethical compasses of other Explore Property business owners in regional Queensland. We’re excited to be surrounded by a strong community of peers who focus on service to clients.

“Although we have been real estate professionals and owned an agency for many years, we are always looking to grow personally and professionally, so we wanted to align ourselves with a brand that is focused on continual improvement. Andrew and the Explore Property leaders provide hands-on support and the tools to enable us to continue to build our business on strong principles and best practice.

“We’re confident that being part of the Explore Property franchise group will further develop Munro & Co’s ability to provide a great workplace for our staff and outstanding results for our vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants.”

Explore Property Group Founder and Network Leader, Andrew Acton, says he is delighted to welcome Munro & Co into the franchise.

“People are the heart of our business, both internally and externally,” says Andrew.

“Errol and Jools are well known for the high level of service they provide to their clients and the support they extend to their agents to set them up for success.

“We are very proud to welcome Munro & Co to the Explore Property Group and look forward to supporting them in their continued growth as Townsville’s leading real estate agents.”

Explore Property Munro & Co's Property Management Team | Exploring New Horizons | BDmag July 2023
Munro & Co Sales Team (L-R): Chloe McKay, Presley Doupain, Sarah Tuxford, Andrew McGill, Errol Munro, Emily Wood, Elesha Dennis, Gemma Hallett

Main image: Jools Munro, Andrew Acton and Errol Munro

Image credits: Chasing Dreams Photos by V

Read more from Explore Property in the April 2023 issue of BDmag – Exploring New Markets.



Compiled by the BDmag editorial team


Compiled by the BDmag editorial team