Imagine a tool just as crucial to tradies as their hammer or drill. Something portable, smart and fast that will revolutionise the way they communicate with and quote customers.

What you’re imagining is Tradezquote – an app built by tradies, for tradies.

Mark Glasgow, founder of Tradezquote and owner of Glasgow Constructions, created the app when he realised the industry was sorely lacking a quick, reliable medium that could improve project communication and management for small builders.

How does Tradezquote work?

“Tradezquote will help from the first phone call that comes in from a potential client, right through to practical completion,” Mark says.

“It will help guys on site with running a project and it creates a platform where you’re more mobile, so you can send invoices from site with the click of a button,

“The whole goal is that you should only have to enter data once.”

Tradies can look at and manage everything about a project from within the app, with profit margins, cost breakdowns, project files, payment schedules and so much more available at the touch of a button.

You can even choose team members for a project and restrict access to confidential documents to those members, which is perfect for small businesses with multiple projects on the go.

The benefits don’t stop there either. Mark says you’ll also be able to, “go home and not have to worry about doing your invoices or your paperwork [as] it basically automates the building process.”

Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief from every tradesperson in Townsville?

The best thing about Tradezquote is that it’s already being used – and praised – by tradies and businessmen all over Townsville. Marc Piccioni from Bellmarc Constructions says he thinks it will make everyone’s life a lot easier.

“I think the program is certainly going to help our business in terms of time management. It’s going to make communication easier between myself and the owners and the employees I have, because they’re able to easily log in and access plans,”

Nathan Young, from Nathan Young Constructions, couldn’t agree more, saying it will change the way he organises his business – for the better!

“It gets everything I need to organise and puts it all into the one system,

“I can save my plans, save my communications with a client [and] you can use it across a variety of trades.”

What about us customers?

Customers don’t get the raw end of the deal here either.

How many times have you told a builder or a tradie something important, only to wonder if they received your email or lost it amongst the rest? Tradezquote takes this stress out of the equation along with several others.

“The first thing I liked was that it was so easy to use,” Tradezquote user, Lawrie McLeod, said.

“It also took a lot of the communication troubles out of it. You open it up and everything is there,

“I feel as though now I’m part of the project, not the owner sitting back and just waiting for it all to happen.”

To see how Tradezquote will help you, jump onto their website or check them out on Facebook.


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