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Townsville’s Newest Laneway to Give the City Heart

Townsville’s Newest Laneway to Give the City Heart


Every great city has its laneways, and construction on Townsville’s newest laneway, Flinders Lane, is well under way with the first stage ready to open in September 2020.

Developer Martin Locke, who is well respected in the home building industry, says this is his first step in the commercial world and he is excited to deliver something that will be really special to the Townsville community.

“It’s a partnership with Townsville City Council, where Council owned an old building and I owned the building next door,” he says.

“They’ve purchased their building to knock down to get a laneway from the new stadium through to City Lane and Flinders Street.

“It’s extremely important how we’re going to deliver the laneway with the step seating and an amphitheatre stage, and my building will have two levels of shop fronts that will open out into an interactive laneway with a nice balcony overlooking the amphitheatre stage.”

Martin credits Laurence Lancini and his City Lane development as providing inspiration to the development, and Flinders Lane has been designed so the two laneways work together to give the city heart.

“It takes people like him that have led the way to invest in the city, believed in Townsville, and put some money into it.

“So that’s been inspirational, and seeing what City Lane is, now I’ve got an opportunity to build on that.

“I’m hoping that it will be another example of when anyone comes to build or develop in our city, hey, this is the level to come to, this is where you start and everything that happens from here on, then we keep improving on that.”

By Julie Johnston for BDmag

Video Credit: Hello Blue Productions



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