If you haven’t heard of The New Hustle documentary, you soon will.

The feature-length doco promises to tell ‘the untold story’ behind three of Australias most successful start-ups – one of which launched from a humble garage right here in Townsville.

Townsville local, Luke Anear, turned his small idea into a global success when he launched SafetyCulture – a program that streamlines the safety inspection process and allows users to complete an inspection using their mobile device.

Thirteen years on, Luke has five offices located all over the globe and over 30 million inspections have been carried out using the app – but what’s the story behind it? That’s what The New Hustle explores, and it’s ‘hold-your-breath’ interesting!

“Most people just want to do what they do well each day and go home. Most people don’t actually want to change the world.”

– The New Hustle

Appearing alongside Luke is Melanie Perkins. Melanie is co-founder of the brilliant online design site, Canva, which makes designing everything from a social media post to a restaurant menu super simple.

“I spend a lot of energy, I spend every brain cell, just thinking about the next thing,” Melanie says, as she smiles into the camera. “People who have created big, world-changing companies are just normal people.”

Co-founders (and self-confessed wine geeks) Justin Dry and Andre Eikmeier also make an appearance thanks to their wine-selling site, Vinomofo. The site gained traction on the web for it’s authentic, unique stance of only selling wine that the founders are in love with.

However, the road for these guys wasn’t easy. Justin and Andre battled against threats of court, big-company bullies and several rounds of debt to make their site a success. Finally, after years of hard work, they created what they call the ‘most epic wine site on the planet’ which is home to over 500,000 users.

For those wanting to view The New Hustle, it goes live mid-2017. All updates will be on their website or Facebook page.

In the meantime, check out these entrepreneurs who are creating great apps in our local community.



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