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Jan Leese is the owner and operator of The Qi Consultant; a very successful Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology consultancy based in Townsville, delivering both onsite and online services in Townsville, interstate and internationally.

Jan was initially introduced to Western Feng Shui in the 1990s, but soon realised that it was a very diluted version of the original Classical Chinese method, which has been around for thousands of years.

In 1994, Feng Shui helped Jan’s son recover from an illness when nothing else did, so she went on a journey to learn more about this fascinating system. From 2010 onwards, her studies became serious, as she immersed herself in the classic Feng Shui system, guided by her Chinese Grandmasters and Masters.

Image credit: Megan Marano

Jan initially launched and operated her consultancy on a part-time basis, managing clients around her nine to five job or family business. However, in 2017 she released that her client waitlist was starting to become unmanageable, so she took the plunge and began offering her services fulltime.

In 2019, after nearly three decades of study, Jan’s hard work, dedication and experience was recognized at a ceremony in Singapore, where she was awarded the title of Accredited Feng Shui Master. This title is granted by the Grandmasters from the International Feng Shui Association and is an incredible achievement given that currently there are only 50 Accredited Masters worldwide.

Approximately 80% of Jan’s business comes from Townsville residents and businesses, with the remaining 20% coming from national and international clients. A key services that Jan offers to non-Townsville clients is Chinese Astrology, which she’s able to do online. Pre-Covid, she also regularly travelled interstate to see Feng Shui clients, as being on site is very important when offering this service. She says there is a growing demand for businesses using Feng Shui to improve the harmony and profitability of their organisation.

Jan in Singapore being awarded the title of Accredited Feng Shui Master
Image Credit: Bruce Laird

“Banks, casinos, Coca Cola and Donald Trump have all been known to consult a Feng Shui Master,” she says.

“I’ve been to high profile businesses in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore with my Masters to do their Feng Shui, and I have many top local businesses as clients.”

When asked about the challenges of her vocation, Jan smiles.

“The biggest challenge is explaining what I do! The practice of Feng Shui Master is to manipulate the qi to benefit the occupants of buildings; whether that’s a home or a workplace. I also regularly work with building designers because getting things right at the design stage delivers the best outcomes.

“Every building is full of unseen qi lines which also have many layers. They are influenced by the surrounding mountains, rivers, buildings and roads but also the taps, fridges, stoves, doors and air conditioners inside the building. Much like you can tune into a radio station, via unseen radio waves, my job is to show you how you can tune into your building and find the station you like to listen to, as well as turn off the station that is upsetting you!”

When asked how she finds her clients, Jan replies that she’s in the very lucky position of hardly ever needing to advertise.

“I generally list my business in directories and reply on word of mouth. With all my family’s previous businesses, we believed that if we were doing a good enough job, people would spread the word. If I am going to advertise, I prefer it to be relevant within my community.”

Like most businesses, Jan’s business was affected by COVID-19, at least in the early stages.

‘There were just a few weeks where I couldn’t go into clients’ homes of businesses. Instead I would visit their residence of business with my Luopan compass and take readings around the exterior of the building. After this, I would Zoom-call the client and get them to walk around the interior of the property, while I remained on the video call with them.

“In other areas of my business, I have been busier than ever. My online Chines Astrology services have been in demand due to many oversees clients being happy to use Zoom to receive this service. Also, many businesses have been launching new products and using my online date selection service in order to choose an auspicious date to do this.”

Jan is no stranger to business. She and her family have owned many businesses in the past, including The Balcony Restaurant in the city. However, this was the first business where she was completely on her own.

“I love business. It is all about the possibilities! Business has taught me to see the trends and cycles which lines up perfectly with Chinese Metaphysics. It also taught me to be the best I can be in different aspects of my life. I love to help people, whatever that means to them at that time.”

By Susan Mattocks.

Main Image Credit: Megan Marano.



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