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The Matchmakers Helping Companies Meet Demand

The Matchmakers Helping Companies Meet Demand


In today’s hiring climate, many businesses and job seekers are turning to recruitment services to help source a suitable match. 

Despite the current climate proving to be a challenge for many industries, particularly in the hospitality and entertainment sectors, there has never been a more relevant and critical time for the use of recruitment services to facilitate a successful match between companies requiring a higher quantity of staff to meet demands and workers seeking employment stability.

Don Byers, Managing Director of Achieve Group, says that despite the challenges over the recent months, many industries have experienced growth within their workforces.

“The supply chain and mining sectors have increased their uptake of temporary staff as they deal with the additional requirements the COVID-19 pandemic has created,” he confirms. 

“The construction industry has also seen a steady demand for temporary staff on projects that may have been underway before February, resulting in a stable environment for most recruiters across the lock down period”. 

Recruitment specialists believe that as restrictions are slowly eased and more projects commence, the market for skilled labour will steadily increase. Don says it is the ideal time for potential workers to have their resume up to date and get in touch with a local agency, as there are endless opportunities for both business owners and job seekers alike. 

“There is nothing on the market that can beat the personalised and stress-free service that recruitment agencies offer,” says Don.

“If you are a business owner looking for experienced and high-quality candidates, or a job seeker on the search for meaningful employment, you can rest assured that recruitment agencies will offer you a service tailored to your unique requirements.

“We’re fortunate that some local industries have remained so strong during COVID-19, and recruitment agencies can play a vital role in helping get the local economy back on track sooner.”

– By Georgie Desailly for BDmag Online



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