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Technology: The Catalyst For Business Growth

It’s the start of the year and as a member of the business community, you are finalising your strategic planning for the year ahead. You think you have considered all facets: finance, HR, marketing, sales. You are well documented and prepared. However, you may not realise that you have forgotten a key component. A driver for change. A catalyst for growth. Technology.

The implementation of technology solutions in a business is often overlooked. NQ Managing Director of ADITS, Simon Greenwood stresses that technology is a foundational piece in 99% of business.

“It is often the backbone of the operations and if that foundation is not solid, the business will suffer.”

The I.T. Provider, based in Townsville, works with customers every day to optimise their technology and essentially, give business owners and employees back their time. Simon uses the scenario of booking meetings with customers as an example.

“Do you send a dozen emails back and forth, or do you send one email with a link to your scheduling software?” he says.

“If you are completing general daily tasks and thinking to yourself, ‘there must be a better/faster/easier way to do this, there most likely is and you should talk to your I.T. Provider who can assist in finding a solution.”

With respect to COVID-19, research predicts that the majority of companies will never go back to the old model of all staff in the office at the same time.

“We are seeing a major difference in performance of customers who are utilising cloud technology in comparison to on-premise, as in software installed on a particular device,” Simon says.

“Utilising cloud technology changes the game and is the ultimate risk management strategy, as it gives employees access to corporate data no matter where they are working from. This means, that no matter what the COVID-19 situation is, or what new risks emerge in a vaccinated population, your employees have the same level of accessibility.”

When trying to identify where technology can make a positive impact, Simon, first and foremost, recommends the simple stuff.

“It can be as simple as holding your nose and bravely assessing your day,” he says.

“You need to ask yourself, ‘what is not being done optimally?’ and make the emotional commitment to making the appropriate changes.

“Start by looking at your general daily tasks, not the big, broad picture. If you are able to identify or can make the change yourself, great! If you don’t know what step to take next, contact your I.T. Partner who can assist in providing an effective solution.”

When identifying opportunities for technology to assist you, this may be unchartered territory for many. A few key questions to get the ball rolling include:

  1. Could there be a better way of completing this task?
  2. Could these manual processes be automated through technology?
  3. Where in my strategic plan can I see opportunities for technology to make a positive difference?
  4. How can technology allow me to reach my business goals?

Simon reminds us all, “don’t fear technology and the change that comes with it. In the worst case, you spend a small amount of time now to save a large amount of time later, all whilst increasing work satisfaction. That doesn’t sound too bad to me!”

By Simon Greenwood, Managing Director of ADITS North Queensland.

Simon Greenwood

Simon Greenwood

Managing Director of ADITS North Queensland
Simon Greenwood

Simon Greenwood

Managing Director of ADITS North Queensland