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Townsville based business JESI is connecting a safer mobile workforce across the globe.

“Call me when you get there.”

It’s a phrase almost every person has uttered at one point or another. However, all our gadgets are useless unless we have access to them. This is a huge problem – especially for those in the mobile workforce.

This gap in technology didn’t go unnoticed by Joe Hoolahan, JESI CoFounder, who decided to take action after his friend had an alarming accident and no way of reaching out.

“Back in about 2012 a good friend of mine was driving to Weipa. He was only five or ten minutes out when he rolled his car. He was upside down, pinned. He wasn’t able to make a phone call and wasn’t able to tell somebody that he needed help. He was stuck there for six hours and that was despite a whole lot of people expecting him to be at his destination,” says Joe.

Jeremy Martin, JESI’s Customer Solutions Manager, explains what their product does. “JESI is a Journey Management Software solution for organisations that have a mobile workforce. So no matter where staff members may travel, JESI will start an escalation process if someone doesn’t check in when they’re supposed to.”

From the moment you leave until the moment you arrive, JESI goes beyond tracking movement and delves into the realm of safety check-ins, alerting predetermined contacts if you fail to check in. For those who don’t have access to their phone in an accident, this will be one of the most crucial safety tools they can have.

However, after liaising with several customers, the JESI team realised their product also went beyond just the safety benefits for many companies.

“JESI is a great tool. It takes a lot of the uncertainty and risk out of travel,” says Trevor Brown, who is a top level advisor for the oil and gas industry in Australia. “There’s an immediate benefit to the individual and then there’s a huge benefit to organisations because they can really understand where their workforce is and who is scheduled to go where.”

This concept raised the JESI platform to a new level helping companies create efficiencies, reduce risk and make better decisions, which not only expanded the product, but also increased it’s usefulness.

“If you’re not listening to the feedback of your clients, you become redundant. We get a lot of feedback from the industry and as we made more changes, it became obvious that our tool was also helping with proficiencies and managing efficiencies and costs as well. Where are our people? Do we really need this many people travelling? How much travelling are we doing?” says Joe.

“If you’re not listening to the feedback of you clients you become redundant”

With almost every employee having access to a mobile device whilst travelling, it’s easy to see the appeal in this efficient safety platform. Businesses such as Rio Tinto, ACT for Kids and Easternwell are now managing thousands of journeys with JESI hoping to make it an industry standard in the future – and for good reason. “I’ve been in the oil and gas business nearly thirty years. I’ve seen people who have not made it home. I’ve seen people with life altering injuries and I wasn’t happy with that,” says Marco Waander, General Manager and Camp Manager at Easternwell, who recently won International Awards for their efforts to keep their traveling workers safe.

JESI’s success is not just the result of a ‘gap in the market’, it’s their innovative thinking and ability to tune in to a real need and provide a relevant solution. Safety is a key aspect that needs to be implemented with conviction but it’s also something that needs to evolve as the behaviour of both employees and companies change.



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