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Talking Up Training


Knowledgeable staff, increased sales opportunities, and better service for customers in just five minutes a day?

That’s what one local pharmacy has achieved by thinking beyond conventional training methods.

Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy have been innovators in pharmacy for over forty years, and when they needed a solution to deliver training to over 150 employees across eight stores, they developed a digital voice operated interactive training app in partnership with Voista.

With no staff scheduling or meeting rooms required, they have alleviated some of the major challenges organisations can face in implementing training programs, and it is easier for staff to retain information because the app is based on repetition.

“Our Voista staff training app is exceptional for keeping our staff up to speed with the latest developments in health, medicines and natural health products,” Director Matthew Calanna explains.

“We’ve developed specific training modules that might vary from complementary medicine areas to our own quality care learning, which incorporates how we supply medicines to the public.”

Videos and product information can be uploaded to the app, which can be accessed by a tablet or device with internet connection. It is based on repetition and features rotating content on the most frequent and profitable products. Information is delivered in a concise, easy to understand format with graphics, and requires the user to verbally interact and respond to questions. This enables Calanna to deliver information and a consistent message to employees very efficiently.

“The time is saves us reading and sourcing information from numerous industry channels means we have more time to be on the floor helping people and it gives us confidence we are armed with the latest information to best advise and support people.”

The importance the company places on face to face communication between staff and customers is what drove the concept to include voice recognition.

“That’s what we do, we talk to people. That’s our role,” says Matthew. “It’s not a ‘tick and flick’ questionnaire. That’s not how we deal with people on a daily basis – we speak to them. It’s important to have that brain and mouth connection, that’s what we wanted to integrate into our training.”

Voista’s ease of use means each staff member uses the app for five minutes every day, which Matthew says has resulted in a robust training program delivering great benefits to the business and customers.

“Across our stores we’re doing several thousand repetitions each and every week, and that makes us, I believe, one of the most consistently trained teams in the region.” This is an excellent example of how a company can integrate their values and specific needs with technology to develop an effective and engaging training program. Voista is now available as an affordable training system within the pharmaceutical industry and has the potential for global expansion…in just five minutes a day.



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