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Software that fits has global appeal

Software that fits has global appeal


From a small shared office space to a large building in the heart of Townsville, Aptissio’s founding Director and CEO, Dr Paul Chandler has created ‘software that fits’ for the customer, and is ready to capitalise on the international market.

Aptissio came off the back of Dr Chandler’s 20-year career in maintaining and integrating software systems, and witnessing first-hand the delivery of ill-fitting, over-priced and poorly delivered software.

“I had developed a frustration with software being built for the average user,” says Dr Chandler.

‘’But of course, the average user doesn’t actually exist, everyone is not average.”

Having identified a gap in the market for better software and software automation, Dr Chandler went ahead and created Aptissio to fulfil the need of fit-for-purpose software design backed by the freedoms of the global currency, Bitcoin Cash. 

Aptissio first started in the Co. Habitat Co-Working Space, which Dr Chandler said was not only cost-effective, but also kept him connected with the business community.

 “We were looking for a place to have an office where I could have staff, but somewhere that required a relatively low upfront commitment,” he says. “It was a nice venue where we could grow, at a very early stage.

“The biggest bonus was having that social atmosphere. Being a two-person business, we had regular contact with the outside world and other people, who may not be in the same industry, but had similar interests and challenges and stories to share that might actually assist in creating solution ideas.

“It’s been really good to connect to the local business community and not feel like you are on your own.”

Aptissio has since grown to a team of four and is one of many local businesses that are currently using Bitcoin Cash and revolutionising the way that money can be traded.  Dr Chandler says that within these local businesses there are some companies like his, developing software around it, while other companies are looking to it with accounting or legal perspectives.

Image of Aptissio team
Aptissio staff Cameron Jackson, Dr. Paul Chandler, Tobi Akinbiyi, Dr. Saad Butt

“There is a small nucleus of businesses in Townsville who believe in Bitcoin Cash,” he says.

“It is that nucleus that has actually created enough interest that we’ve got about 90 merchants around Townsville that accept Bitcoin cash.

“The level of adoption [of Bitcoin Cash] that has happened in North Queensland is larger, per capita, than anywhere else in the world.”

Dr Chandler says Bitcoin offers great potential globally and he has now positioned his business to be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

“We can readily do business internationally, because Bitcoin knows no borders,” he explains.  “For example, we are interested in doing business with Bitcoin miners in China, and there is definitely a market there for us.

 “We are now in a position to deliver services to the consumers and people we have had as potential customers from day one.

“We have two demonstration applications now and have begun marketing to people by saying, we can do this software creation for you.”

Dr Chandler says Bitcoin Cash offers advantages to the consumer and business.

“Bitcoin Cash gives back to people the freedom and privacy that they associate with physical cash, but with the convenience of instant electronic transfer.”

“We are now looking for other North Queensland businesses who are interested in reducing payment processing costs and improving their customer experience with tailored software and Bitcoin Cash.”

By Samuel Audas-Ryan for BDmag



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