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Smart Business Owners Invest In Leader Development

Leadership Development Active HR: Smart Business Owners Invest in Leader Development | BDmag October to December 2023

A leader who is engaged and high performing offers many competitive advantages for a business, and smart business owners know that investing in their leaders can improve productivity, profitability, workplace culture, and customer experience.

Good leadership requires high standards of skill in critical areas such as communication, setting direction, problem solving, decision making, motivating staff, managing performance and demonstrating good duty of care for each team member. Investing in leadership has never been more important and there are a wide variety of ways to do this:

Team Management Systems’ Linking Leader Profile (LLP|360)
Active HR | BDmag October to December 2023 | Smart Business Owners Invest in Leader Development
Team Management Systems’ Linking Leader Profile

Leadership 360-Degree Feedback:

Expertly facilitated approaches using tools such as Team Management Systems’ Linking Leader Profile (LLP|360) helps a leader understand their leadership impact and what they need to adjust to build a better team relationship and achieve high team engagement. The LLP|360 as illustrated, assesses a leader’s competence across 13 critical leadership skills, and in a practical and measured way, reveals potential roadblocks to leadership effectiveness and the adjustments a leader needs to make to get a better leadership result.

Leadership Coaching:

Aligning your growing leader with a confidential source of coaching support is arguably one of the most effective means of leadership development. With confidence in their coach, this approach can help leaders or aspiring leaders grow beyond their vulnerabilities in a manner that involves goals, skills-based learning and change, and achievement. This form of development is delivered one-to-one and can be offered in the field on a real-time basis or back at the office at the start or finish of each day, week or month.

Leadership Development Workshops:

Another effective method for leadership development is the immersive approach of workshop-based training. This approach provides participants with an opportunity to connect with other leadership learners and engage in hands-on and fun learning processes centred around critical leadership skills. Unlike structured diploma-based training, workshops can be tailored and focussed around the needs of a group or even designed to be company specific.

Active HR, a North Queensland-based HR Agency, offers comprehensive leadership development solutions that can be tailored to the needs of any business. Our team are qualified and accredited in a variety of tools, including The Team Management Systems Linking Leader Profile (LLP|360), and are ready to help you improve the impact of leadership in your business.

Active HR, Townsville North Queensland

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Compiled by the BDmag editorial team


Compiled by the BDmag editorial team