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Ride the Wave v Strong Swimmer

man swimming in ocean at sunrise

At a recent Ray White Real Estate Business Owners meeting at Queensland Corporate Office, they posed the question ‘Are you a business owner who rides the waves or are you a business owner who is a strong swimmer?’

“I knew the answer straight away, I’m a strong swimmer,” says Ray White Munro & Co Principal, Jools Munro.

“Behaving elegantly and bravely in business turns out to be a challenge at times of change and personal life events, but together Errol and I have made it through our share of rough waters and we’re still swimming strongly!”

Jools says while building a business model has seen her staring at a learning curve which at times feels almost vertical, a strong foundation is critical to success.

“We have taken our time to build a concrete slab foundation suitable to weather a cyclone in our business. Our humble beginnings of our business commenced on 1 July 2016 with my friend’s rental property, the wisdom of Errol’s double decade in the real estate industry and my energy, which was endless.

“We looked at proven process and methodologies, data collection, technology and human happiness as needles for our business compass.”

Australians’ love affair with real estate ensures communities consume news about the property market they live in, are curious about or are investing in. Jools says there is too much doom and gloom being written about through media sources of late which is causing unnecessary worry to those needing to make a property transaction.

“The real estate industry has seen a wave of new and returning sales agents get into the property ocean chasing sales activity which could be described likea large school of bait fish being chased by dolphins. However, a lot of these agents are wave riders. They will come, enjoy the ride and go.

“It is the completion of proven competition creating activities which will ensure the strong swimmers are the sales agents who achieve their career ambitions in this industry.

“Having access to resources through the Ray White Group allows us to seek guidance from the best of the best to ensure we are at the forefront of our industry. In turn, our people in our business seek to also hitch their wagon to a stable business, with a focus on employees’ career ambitions and personal goals for employment.

“Our business was built from scratch in 2016 when the property market was normal. We will be here for the community of Townsville no matter the property climate. Our foundations are strong with a focus on our clients’ needs, not ours. I am proud to be a strong swimmer.”



Compiled by the BDmag editorial team


Compiled by the BDmag editorial team