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Push to Develop Multibillion Dollar Redclaw Industry in NQ

Push to Develop Multibillion Dollar Redclaw Industry in NQ


Australian Crayfish Hatchery have taken a bold step forward in their push to develop a redclaw aquaculture industry in North Queensland, today hosting Redclaw 2020 to showcase their facility to industry bodies, politicians and landowners. The event hopes to inspire decision makers and farmers to support the development of commercial aquaculture farms to develop what has the potential to be a multibillion dollar industry. 

The Australian Crayfish Hatchery (ACH) is led by Dr Lisa Elliott, and along with her team, they have pioneered a patented selective breeding program to produce quality craylings for commercial aquaculture farms. It is the world’s first hatchery, specifically established to solve industry-wide hatchling losses, and is the most advanced of its kind. 

Dr Lisa Elliott in the purpose built nursery for the hatchlings

The hatchery has the potential to produce 6 million craylings annually, and thanks to the science behind their breeding program, they are producing the healthiest (and ultimately tastiest) crayfish to market.

Dr Elliott says that North Queensland is well placed to capitalise on global demand for crayfish due to its land availability, access to freshwater, and climate. North Queensland’s tropical climate means that crayfish farmed here grow to a significantly larger size than their southern counterparts in the same time frame.

Dr Lisa Elliot showing the difference in size of redclaw bred in North Queensland’s warm climate compared to further south

If Redclaw 2020 successfully inspires an increase in commercial farms, there is significant domestic and export potential for a redclaw industry in North Queensland and capitalise on a multibillion dollar global crayfish industry that currently cannot meet demand.

By Julie Johnston



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