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Proudly Laying the Foundation for Success

yellow chair beside sideboard with vases and decorations, pendant light.

When determining which real estate agency to align themselves with, Jools and Errol Munro knew instantly they wanted to hitch their little “yellow” wagon to Ray White, an Australian family-owned brand which is synonymous with experience and quality.

Ray White Managing Director, Brian White, his son Dan and the White Family are hungrily hunting the world’s best platforms for their people. Brian is known to ask business leaders and their employees “Are you proud of this sale?”

“This simple notion of feeling proud of what we do has set a strong foundation for our business, our team and the outcomes we deliver for our clients,” says Ray White Munro & Co Co-Owner, Jools Munro.

“Asking ourselves if we feel proud forces us to consider others’ viewpoints, opinions and goals whilst working for the client.

“When I personally debrief an outcome, I search for the internal sensation of pride. If I feel proud of my actions, I know I have done my best. My best is the best way to live life in service to others.

“This of course does not mean I am faultless, but evaluating how an outcome was achieved and ascertaining the intentions behind my actions enables me to grow personally and professionally.”

The team of professionals at Ray White Munro & Co all possess a very similar characteristic – they strive for the best outcomes when undertaking their roles.

“The team working together, collaborating all of the years of life and professional experience, ensures we supply the best to our clients,” says Jools.

“Having people within our business who embrace their shortcomings, actively seek personal development, humbly welcoming the knowledge and skills of their colleagues into their individual decision-making process assures us that our clients are getting the best!”

Jools says that she and Errol are committed to providing the platform for employees to achieve the best in themselves for themselves and their clients.

“Hand on heart, I am so proud of our team, of their intentions and their commitment to dig for the best outcomes. Together our business is in the best position to help our clients overachieve… I am so proud of this!”

Ray White Munro & Co - Jools and Errol Munro. Proudly laying the foundations of success.

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Compiled by the BDmag editorial team


Compiled by the BDmag editorial team