Townsville. It’s time to pick up your game when it comes to clever use of space and modern offices. 

Take those outdated carpeted dividers (you know, the ones with neutral colours that have unidentified stains on them) and throw them in a bonfire. Throw in the squeeky office chairs, sticker-covered filing cabinets, mis-matched tupperware containers and you’ve got yourself one interesting office outing (two birds, meet one stone). We went on a mission to prove that modern offices do exist, so decided to scour Townsville to bring you some of the most modern and exciting spaces our city has.

Lighthouse Financial

modern Offices Lighthouse Financial officemodern Offices Lighthouse Financial office

I always hated accounting in school but I could learn to love numbers if I worked in a place like Lighthouse Financial Advisers.

The whole office is tropical, open and welcoming. Walking in you’re greeted with a stunning floor to ceiling picture of Magnetic Island which instantly makes you smile. This is complimented by the floor to ceiling glass meeting room (seriously, nothing is done in halves here, not even the glass panels) and an open-air office space up top.

The cherry on top of what is already a pretty fantastic cake has to be the large wooden table in the corner, which is reminiscent of a modern rooftop bar with its faux grass flooring and big ol’ umbrella in the centre. Add in a kitchen that puts most houses to shame, a huge bank of computers that promote talking to each other and you’ve seriously hit the nail on the head with this modern beauty.


Ruhl Family Law Centre

Ruhl modern OfficesRUHL modern Offices

Ruhl Family Law Centre have completely done away with the image of uninviting law offices and instead created a welcoming, bright and happy space that families won’t feel daunted walking into.

There are positive quotes placed on the walls, warm, welcoming office spaces that instantly promote a homely feel and – best of all – a children’s play room that is so amazing it’ll easily keep the kids spellbound for hours. The playroom has a floor to ceiling chalkboard for the little ones to draw on as well as a huge array of funky toys, games and activities. I’m an adult and I was impressed (also, slightly envious).

Despite having the shell of a modern, clean-cut office, the team have gone above and beyond to ‘soften’ the feel of it by adding delicate touches like soft armchairs, professional graffiti art and open – yet wonderfully private – spaces that have natural sunlight filtering in to keep you relaxed and cosy.



Counterpoint modern OfficesCounterpoint modern Offices Townsville

Here’s a good one: what do you get when you blend seamless design, a green-thumbs Pinterest board and modern architecture? The incredible, jaw-dropping office that Counterpoint Architecture have created, that’s what. The outside of the office is what I imagine pot plant heaven would look like if it existed. Dozens of succulents and plants are delicately entwined into the front wall, creating a breathtaking display of colour. If you can pick your jaw off the ground long enough to walk in to the office, you’ll find yourself greeted with an open-plan space that flawlessly combines an 1800’s style library – complete with amazing wooden elements and an impressive floor to ceiling bookcase – as well as seamless modern finishes, like dark curtains, open desks and larger than life appliances, like the aptly named BigAss Fan in the main office space. It’s almost like they’ve taken the best elements from each era – cigar-smoking wood library in the 1800s, large ornaments from the 1900s and clean-cut design from the naughties. Being the architects behind the previous two offices we knew it’d be impressive, but we won’t say no to having our expectations exceeded.


Now that you’ve seen what can be created, it’s time to do a Kmart run and refurbish. Spending five days of your week in a boring office is about as thrilling as stepping on lego. Create a place your workers can’t wait to get to and watch how quickly things change.


You’ve seen how the humble office space can be improved, now check out Townsville’s most innovative house. Crazy? You bet. Affordable? Like you wouldn’t believe.




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