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Making Sharing Socials Simple

Making Sharing Socials Simple


Tap, share, and instantly connect. This is the concept behind husband and wife duo, Mia and Chad Dickson’s newest business venture. The couple have created the ultimate COVID safe solution to replace business cards and make sharing socials simple with Social Dot. 

“Social Dot was born out of huge frustration and the desire to solve a problem,” says former yoga teacher and mother of four Mia Dickson. 

“In COVID times, the Social Dot provides a touch free and environmentally friendly solution to business cards and harnesses new technology to offer that business.”

Mia Dickson

Using advanced technology, users can easily link their social sites, contact information and website to their Social Dot Profile. Users simply attach the dot to their phone or prominent locations within their business, and users can then tap the Dot to receive your contact details and custom links. 

“Social Dot allows you to share anything with a URL link such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin along with six customer URL links,” continues Mia. 

“Once someone has tapped your Social Dot, it will open an internet browser tab that stores all of your Social Dot information and share it with the other user.

“As someone who doesn’t carry business cards, we identified a gap in the market for a product that offered contactless networking like this in Australia and New Zealand. 

“We realised there was technology we could harness, and all we had to do was build the framework in which we were going to share, create and capture a market.”

Capture a market they certainly did. Since launching the business at the start of July, the couple have experienced instant success thanks to their clever use of social media. They have also found themselves gaining worldwide traction on global app sensation, Tik Tok, where their videos have received over one million views. 

“A brand doesn’t have a choice whether to do ‘social media’ or not. The question is how well they do it,” explains husband Chad, who still works full time in the banking industry. 

“While initially we started covering just the Australian and New Zealand markets, since uploading to Tik Tok we have had an unfathomable response from people around the world wanting to buy the product,” adds Mia. 

As regions begin reopening, businesses are now questioning how they can return to some semblance in an unstable environment where the need for social distancing only continues to grow. The couple say Social Dot offers opportunities for a sustainable, future proof and simple way for contactless connection, and therefore enable industries to continue business in COVID climate.  

“Since the Social Dot is not just limited to your phone but also countertops, laptops, desks, dining tables and many more, it attracts a diverse range of users,” says Chad. 

“Opportunities include Real Estate agents having the ability to show listings through the dot rather than using pamphlets, or in the case of the hospitality industry, they can put dots on the table which people can tap to open a contactless menu and leave a review online. 

Tap the Social Dot to access their profile

“Social Dots really are for all business people, social influencers, artists, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, and photographers who want to connect on a professional level in today’s digital era.”

Despite their success, Mia says the process of navigating the ecommerce space, and learning to harness the apps technology, which is still in its early stages in Australia, have come with their share of challenges. 

“Since Chad works in banking, and I have a degree in financial planning, we understood what we were doing from a financial sense,” says Mia. 

“Rather, it was learning how to run an ecommerce business that has proven to be the challenge since it is something very new to us.

“Even down to the building the website, not just the aesthetic, but the technology behind the process of when someone buys a Social Dot – developing how their profile is created, how it is saved, how they can then share the information – it has all been a learning process.” 

The couple currently source the product from China; however, they are in the process of working with IT specialists to see how they can develop the dots locally. They also have an app launching in the coming weeks to enhance user experience and are working on the creation of custom dots. 

“The app we are launching will ensure users can update the links after purchase and make it even easier to connect.” 

“We are also in the process of offering custom dots so people can personalise it and have their logo on the dot which customers are very excited about.”

In a climate that is quickly becoming the “new normal,” Mia and Chad say that Social Dot offers an opportunity to bring business and connection into the digital era. 

“Launching amidst COVID has meant we have used it as a mechanism for growth to take the idea of business cards into the digital era,” explains Chad. 

“Ultimately, we have learnt to trust in the product, the brand, the marketing, and most importantly the idea because that is what we are selling,” adds Mia. 

“The dream for Social Dot is to ensure we can live a life of freedom and of being a part of a bigger, greater community that is all connected.” 

Georgie Desailly for BDmag. 



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