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In his capacity as Creative Director at AEC Group, Lyndon Berresford has worked on countless projects which have helped shape our city, including the new Townsville Stadium. And now, thanks to modern technology and upgrades to internet infrastructure, Lyndon is producing and promoting projects for Hollywood film production company, Noel Braham Entertainment, all from the comfort of his home studio right here in South Townsville.

“With the faster NBN I was able to work very well remotely, and my relationship grew with Noel and the guys over in LA,” Lyndon explained.

But how did this local relationship with the bright lights of ‘La- La Land’ begin?

“After Disney had purchased Lucas Film a few years back, I produced and submitted some conceptual artwork to them with ideas for potential new Star Wars films. One of them went viral, and I hit over 22,000 likes and was featured on the front page of Reddit.”

After the hype surrounding his artwork had subsided, Lyndon received an email from US actor and filmmaker Noel Braham, who was suitably impressed with his creative work and asked Lyndon if he’d be interested in collaborating on a short film.

“I was like ‘Yeah sure, but you do know I live in Townsville?,” laughed Lyndon.

“The film premiered in Los Angles and went on to showcase globally, including the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. We also picked up several international film awards.”

Last year Lyndon worked as a producer on short film ‘The Millennial’, which tells the story of a boxer training for the biggest fight of his life, whilst being confronted with challenges that lay outside the ring.

During the LA-based shoot, Lyndon got a crash course in movie production and the allure of Hollywood.

“I can remember standing at a park at sunset planning some shots with Noel and our Director of Photography and looking over and seeing the Hollywood sign in the background; it was very surreal,” Lyndon recalled.

“Once I was home, I was able to constantly receive cuts of the film and provide input into editing and story flow as well as work on the promotion.

In true Hollywood style, the premiere of The Millennial will take place in downtown Los Angeles this month which Lyndon is hopeful he will attend.

With advances in digital technology, the potential for global opportunities created in Townsville are limitless, and Lyndon is just one excited for what the future holds for anyone with the right attitude who wants to make a name for themselves in (or out of) Hollywood.

“Equipment is more accessible now than it has ever been and there are a lot more options to promote and showcase films now through digital channels and distribution,” Lyndon said.

“Just do it; find a good team and reach out to likeminded people.”



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