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Kickstarting Healthy Little Eaters for Global Success

Kickstarting Healthy Little Eaters for Global Success


Healthy Little Eaters children’s game founder, Kate Pearce, is one of nine Queensland women selected for a Toowoomba based incubator program aimed at developing aspiring businesses to run an international operation from regional Australia. 

Kate is a registered nurse, nutrition and mindset coach, and was inspired to create the game to teach her children about the importance of healthy eating when they were young, so they didn’t have to go through the health issues that she did as a teenager and young adult. 

“As mum to two growing boys and a former paediatric nurse, I witnessed first-hand the struggles that parents and educators face on a daily basis getting children to eat and enjoy vegetables,” Kate says.

“It therefore became my biggest passion that all children have access to learning about their bodies and healthy foods whilst having as much fun as possible doing so.”

Healthy Little Eaters uses bright and colourful animations to teach children about the superpowers of fruits and veggies and the connection between eating healthy food and having a healthy, strong body. 

Kate Pearce with sons Louis and Liam

In August this year, Smart Precinct NQ nominated Kate to attend the Flair Incubator Selection Bootcamp at Canvas Co-Working in Toowoomba, where she successfully secured a place in the 16 week Female Founders program.

“I am finding Flair incubator wonderful,” she says.

“It has opened and stretched my mind in huge ways, enabling me to think of ideas that I never once considered.” 

Each participant is assigned a mentor, and serendipitously Kate’s mentor has UK distribution channels for his children’s books and educational resources.

“The connections I have already made in such a short amount of time are incredible, new business collaborations have begun and answers to questions that I have had for a long time have been answered.”

The program requires Kate to travel to Toowoomba a total five times to attend the intensive modules, and she is crowdfunding to help cover her flight expenses, which are estimated at $3000.

“I am lucky to be staying with a connection in Toowoomba, so just help with the flight costs would be so much appreciated!” she says.

“Having people contribute to my Kickstarter account to help with the flight costs would mean I could keep spending money on marketing, having the games shipped to a UK drop shipping company for distribution in the UK, and re-printing of more games.”

You can contribute here to Kate’s Kickstarter account or visit her website at www.healthylittleeatersgame.com for more information.

By Julie Johnston for BDmag



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