Home Business New Design Feature Promotes Sun Safety in NQ
New Design Feature Promotes Sun Safety in NQ

New Design Feature Promotes Sun Safety in NQ


Local business, Design Works Apparel are encouraging consumers to make sun smart choices with the launch of their new website feature that enables customers to design personalised sun shirts on their devices. 

The new feature is set to launch at their upcoming ‘Design Your Own Apparel’ event on August  27 and 28, where locals are invited to come and test out the product on their devices. Owner of Design Works Apparel, Dahé Wie hopes the custom design feature will encourage people to wear sun smart clothing and protect themselves from the harsh North Queensland UV rays. 

“By offering the ‘Design Your Own Shirt’ feature, customers can easily choose their own image and font options, create a custom design on their device, and test different scenarios before the final confirmation,” explains Dahé. 

“It is time-efficient, offers a fun project for users and a sense of achievement from designing their own shirt from scratch, but most importantly we hope it encourages sun smart choices as people are often more inclined to wear the sun shirt they designed.”

The business, which first started as a market stall, now resides in the Woolcock Centre and designs a range of sun safe clothing in vibrant colours and bold designs. Dahé says she and her partner started the business after identifying a gap in the market for sun safe shirts that were unique, quick dry and lightweight. 

“The only accessible UV protective clothing before us were shirts with fish prints or dull plain designs,” she continues. 

“The response from the consumer market was great and we started shops in shopping centres, eventually expanding to Mackay and an online store servicing Australia wide. Now we have merged into one megastore in the Woolcock Centre and send orders nationwide and occasionally export.”

The popularity of their vibrant designs has seen them collaborate with various local businesses, including the likes of Support Local Townsville, to help spread the importance of sun protective clothing.

“Living and enjoying the outdoors in North Queensland where UV is extremely high means there is a necessity for sun safe clothing,” says Dahé. 

“Collaboration is a great marketing method to reach further audience bases, and by working with companies that align with our brand, we have been able to send stronger messages regarding our identity and mission in spreading the importance of sun safety.”

Medical director and founder of Skin Repair Skin Cancer Clinic, Dr Helena Rosengren, says it is inspiring to see a local business providing a solution to avoiding damage from the high UV rates here in North Queensland. 

“There is no doubt that Queensland is the skin cancer capital of the world, with a much higher national incidence of melanoma and other skin cancers than for other parts of Australia,” explains Dr Rosengren. 

“It’s wonderful to see a Townsville based business thinking outside the box and promoting the importance of sun safety in a fun, vibrant and engaging way.”

The Design Your Own Apparel event will take place on the 27th and 28th of August at their store on Woolcock street. The launch event will include a Q+A session and Design Your Own Shirt Competition with total prizes worth over $5,000, thanks to the support of other local businesses. You can find more information here

By Georgie Desailly.



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