Fighting for your rental bond has become so common that it could almost be classified as a calorie-burning hobby – but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore thanks to an all new app called Guard My Lease.

Guard My Lease saves everyone time, effort and money by taking the stress out of those pesky end of lease bond issues for good.

“The app protects agents, owners and tenants all in one platform by lowering the barrier to doing high quality entry condition reports,” Guard My Lease Co-Founder, Aden Tranter said.

“We essentially took the paper report and replaced it with a two sided app, where both parties can’t delete what the other does, but they can rebut it,”

“It has replies, attachments, real estate photos and tenant photos along with what the agent said attached to it, so it’s a really clean-cut replacement,”

Thanks to the app’s cloud-based server, all your images and data will be saved, which means you’ll have something to fall back on even if you lose your phone while partying on Flinders Street.

Adding to its appeal is the independent aspect, which allows tenants to use the app, even if their agent is stuck in the old paper-age and thinks colour TV is modern.

“Tenants can protect themselves by using our platform to basically take photos and document the quality of the house. You could do this with a normal camera and save them yourself, but you could potentially lose them, whilst the benefit of using us is we’re not only free, but we send you a PDF report with all the documentation and time stamped images,” Aden says.

“This means that if you get caught in a dispute, you can simply print this report off or download a zip file of all the images, take that to court and have everything you need,”

The app is available on IOS and Android and you can even have all your roommates sign the report on the one phone, saving everyone from chewing through their data limits.

Feeling safer about your bond yet? It gets better. The locals behind the app, Aden Tranter and Zane Grant, have years of experience under their belt. Aden is a programmer and tenant and Zane is a programmer and property manager, which gives them a huge edge over the problem.

To find out more, you can visit their website or check out their Facebook for updates.



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