Authentic. Modern. Successful.

These are the words that Andrew Acton, founder and leader of Explore Property, uses to describe his thriving real estate business.

Winning Best Agency in Australia after just twelve months of operation, Explore Property has burst onto the real estate stage in a big way.

They now have over 70 staff employed in several offices around the state, and it’s not because they came at a time when business was booming – in fact, it’s completely the opposite.

“Business is tough for everyone, everywhere, but it’s not about the market. I don’t think about the market at all,” Andrew Acton says. “Not because I’m not aware of it, but because I am fully aware that I can’t change it. Some of the greatest businesses on Earth were built in difficult times,”

Hearing Andrew talk, you can certainly tell why the agency has made waves in the property world – there’s a passion and commitment in his voice that echoes the needs of the people he helps.

“We don’t try to be something we’re not,” Andrew says. “We’re really authentic, modern real-estate agents. We’re service providers, not sellers.”

As a second-generation real estate agent, Andrew has grown up to be one of the leading names in the business. However, instead of weaving intricate steps to success or trying to hide his knowledge, Andrew happily talks about the crucial steps needed to thrive in the industry.

“There’s always room for people who have a real will to succeed.” Andrew says.

“You don’t have to know everything, you don’t even have to know where you’re going. You just have to get on the road and believe it.”

“Find out what works for you, what makes you tick, what you like doing. Because if you believe in it and your good at it…” Andrew lets his voice trail off before diving in again, passion for the industry plain in his voice.

“You have to push to be successful. You have to push through shyness, push through self-doubt and fear of failure and jump into the fire – go for it.”

These aren’t just steps that Andrew tells others to follow; they are ones that he himself has undertaken.

Despite extensive industry knowledge under his belt, Andrew makes it clear that it takes more than just information and facts to lead a successful business.

“We’ve succeeded because that’s just what we know, that’s who we are. We don’t let the market dictate what we do.” Andrew says. “You’ve really got to believe in what you’re doing or people will see straight through it.”

With an experienced team, an eye for the customer and an enviable drive to succeed, Explore Property has no doubt set a new standard for success in the real estate game.

A standard that will continue to improve and grow as the business does.



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