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Content Collab Workshop

Presented by Kylie from Haus & Loft and Ruth from Mouthin’ Off, this workshop should probably be called:

“How to succeed with social media without losing your sanity.”

If you are a solopreneur or small business owner, responsible for your social media content:

  • You know that social media is much more effective when it’s CONSISTENT
  • But you STRUGGLE to find the time to have a regular schedule
  • Sometimes WEEKS CAN GO BY between posts, because life/work got in the way
  • You’ve tried ‘batching’ but you end up sitting STARING BLANKLY AT A SCREEN FOR HOURS

Now, do you think that that will get easier… or harder in the next 3 months in the lead up to Christmas?

September 27th – we’re gathering at Haus & Loft Headquarters – for a CONTENT COLLAB.

3 hours to plan the next 3 months of content for your business – to set your direction, use the energy and knowledge of the group to collaborate and spark new ideas and even capture some images so you have a bank of pics to draw from. Give your business the gift of consistent, quality social media and give yourself the gift of clearing your mind for the months ahead!

Click here to register  

This free community segment is proudly supported by:

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Compiled by the BDmag editorial team