Leaving the comfort of a stable job to pursue your dream business is a terrifying thought. Yet it’s exactly what Sarah Adams did – and she’s never looked back.

After landing a stable job at Townsville City Council, Sarah thought she was set. Soon after, she realised she wasn’t getting “those feel good moments” in her job and was often coming to work with a churning stomach.

“I was anxious just walking across the car park,” Sarah said. “It took me five or six years to realise that it really wasn’t me and I didn’t enjoy it,”

“Someone close to me at the time also had a really aggressive form of cancer. I went through a phase where I was like, life’s too short to do something you don’t enjoy. So I thought of starting my own business,”

Sarah’s creative thoughts morphed from an on-paper idea to a fully-fledged event business called DreamScene in 2008.

Nine years later, Sarah runs a thriving and successful business that caters for weddings and corporate events – but she’s taken it one step further with her DreamDinners concept, which is completely unique to North Queensland.

DreamDinners – what is it?

To put it in a nutshell, Sarah’s clients loved her creations but knew they couldn’t experience it again without having a large-scale event and Sarah loved the high-end aspect, but couldn’t do it for large-scale events like weddings.

In order to combine the two, Sarah drew on her skills to create elegant, at-home dining experiences in Townsville.

“ DreamDinners is a boutique, luxury style of dining with a difference,” Sarah says. “As we get older, it’s all about creating meaningful events to share quality time with our friends,”

“This is a way of celebrating a special occasion where you don’t have to compete for a car space or background noise in a restaurant and you’re not trying to flag down a waiter,” she said.

Everything is taken care of in your home – from the exquisite furniture, dinnerware and decorations to the delicious 3-course meal, which is prepared on-site by renowned restaurant chefs. The cleaning is even taken care of you so can thoroughly enjoy your night.

“People are used to seeing these displays on Pinterest, so I’m trying to make it a reality,” Sarah said.

“I want them to remember exactly who was there, what they ate, how good the food was and the decorations because it blew them away. I want it to be memorable.”

To truly see how incredible these DreamDinners are, check out Sarah’s work on Facebook or Instagram. It’s truly inspiring!




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