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How Can Business Advisory Services Help My Business?

How Can Business Advisory Services Help My Business? | Coutts Redington | BDmag October 2023

A question that gets asked by business owners from all walks of life is, “why do I need business advisory services?”

Craig Smorfitt, a Client Manager at Coutts Redington, explains an Accountant Business Advisor helps you work on your own progression and partners with you to improve the future path of your business ventures.

“An Accountant Business Advisor advisor is a valuable resource from the very beginning to the end,” he says.

“The impact of how the business is structured prior to the ‘doors opening’ can be significant on your tax outcomes many years down the track.

“An Accountant Business Advisor will help you understand the goals you want to achieve, and this could be ensuring the longevity of the business to be passed down within the family or the sale of the business to a third party.”

Craig Smorfitt, Client Manager at Coutts Redington.
How Can Business Advisory Services Help My Business? | BDmag October 2023
Craig Smorfitt, Client Manager at Coutts Redington

As time passes, the goals and circumstances of a business evolve, and working alongside a trusted Accountant Business Advisor can help the owner navigate these challenges, while ensuring you are compliant with tax laws and business regulations.

“There are always challenges with owning and running a business, and often they are challenges that are out of your control or unexpected. There is a balancing act between being proactive and reactive, and often it is both.

“An Accountant Business Advisor looks at your business from the outside in, giving you an objective perspective to identify key issues and assist with strategies to improve cashflow. Reviewing historical data to identify patterns, trends or seasonal fluctuations helps to set realistic goals and forecasts for the future, and to create detailed and accurate budgets.”

A key element that is sometimes overlooked in businesses is exposure to risk.

“An Accountant Business Advisor will not only assist you with achieving your business goals but also ensure you have thought of the necessary insurances and have the correct measures in place to help protect what is important to you.

“Tax planning is crucial for businesses, and a business advisor can help optimise the tax efficiency of your business structure while ensuring compliance with current tax law.

“Partnering with a trusted Accountant Business Advisor can potentially increase your business growth, minimise risk, and equip you with strategies and skills for ongoing success.

“Regardless of your businesses size or industry, our team at Coutts Redington can work alongside you to give you clarity, direction, support and peace of mind.”

Coutts Redington Chartered Accountants, Townsville QLD, Australia.
How can business advisory services help my business? | BDmag October 2023

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Compiled by the BDmag editorial team


Compiled by the BDmag editorial team