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Guest Post Contributor Guidelines

BDmag welcomes guest contributors to submit written articles, images and videos for consideration.  Contributions should inspire and educate Townsville’s business community and are strictly non-advertorial to meet BDmag’s publishing guidelines.  BDmag reserves the right to refuse contributions that are deemed unsuitable. 

While we welcome a diverse range of topics and opinions, all content must be respectful and not contain any derogatory or defamatory statements.  BDmag is not affiliated with any political party and will not publish advertorial content for any political party that is not of genuine interest or benefit to our readers.

There is no requirement to advertise with BDmag in exchange for publication.  All contributions will be assessed on their merit for their genuine newsworthiness or interest to our readers.  

Guest contributors are required to supply their own images to accompany articles.  When supplying third party stock images, please supply proof of permission for use. If you do not have suitable images, we can provide a quote for photography and you retain full ownership of all images.

By submitting to BDmag, you give permission to publish your contribution on our website and all social media channels, including but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and You Tube.

BDmag endeavours to respond to your submission within a two week period, but regrets this is not always possible.  BDmag reserves the right to refuse contributions that are deemed unsuitable.

If your content is published, we encourage you to share it through your own channels to assist us with growing BDmag’s readership.

Send your submission to info@bdmag.com.au 

Please do not submit via social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my article include?

  • Your article should be about a topic or story that informs, inspires or educates
  • A catchy heading 
  • Articles or stories that are between 300 and 600 words generally perform best.  If your article is longer, consider breaking it up with subheadings
  • Submitted on a Word or pages document only – no PDFs
  • References and links included in article as necessary
  • Author biography, 15-30 words included in document
  • Your Website & social media links included at end of document (so we can tag you)
  • URL for podcasts and/or videos included in document (if applicable)
  • Head shot in jpeg or tiff format, min 512×512 pixels 
  • Images for article
  • Ensure content is not promotional in any way and you have proof read it

Can I put links in my bio?

Yes. We recommend your bio is 2 – 3 sentences long and related to the article topic you have written about.  

Eg:  Jane Smith is the Human Resources Manager at ABC Company with expertise in organisational culture, dispute resolution and leadership.  You can connect with Jane here (link to Linked In or website etc)

What happens after I’ve submitted my contribution for review?

Your article, image or video will be reviewed to ensure it meets BDmag’s publishing guidelines, and if approved will be published within two weeks unless otherwise notified.  If your contribution is time sensitive, please make this known in your request and we will do our best to ensure it is published accordingly.

If your article doesn’t meet our publishing guidelines, we will endeavour to respond to you within two weeks of receiving it to give feedback and work with you on a resolution. Our goal is to help you get published!  

Will you make changes to it?

Minor revisions that do not compromise the integrity of the article, such as correcting typos or grammatical errors, may be made to written articles, but any major changes will be discussed with the author prior to publishing.   

Can I publish articles that I published somewhere else first?

We give preference to original articles, so please advise at the time of submission if your article has been previously published (including on your own blog).

Can I publish an article elsewhere after it has been published on BDmag?

Yes, please do!  Where appropriate, please credit that it was first published on BDmag.  Feel free to use BDmag as a springboard to hone your article writing skills and start pitching further afield.  We want you to succeed!

I think I have something I want to write about…

If you’re feeling a bit stuck, drop us a line at info@bdmag.com and we can get in touch to brainstorm and help flesh out your idea and get your article published.

How often can I submit a contribution?

As often as you like!  We want BDmag to be a platform to showcase businesses, share expertise and inspire others.  However, please note that we may not be able to publish all contributions.

What sort of video content do you accept?

Videos must be of a professional standard and must not be advertorial.

If you are engaging a videographer for a corporate video, you may like to consider editing a short version specifically for BDmag.  Feel free to brainstorm with us in the creative stage.  Quotes for videography services available upon request.

Please don’t send TVCs or self-filmed social media style videos.

Why hasn’t my article or video been shared on social media?

Depending on the number of guest contributions we receive, it may not always be possible to have a dedicated post to social media for all content that is published to the BDmag website.  

Will I get paid?

No, Guest Contributors do not receive payment.