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Five Minutes With…Connor McKay

As an accomplished endurance athlete and NQ Director of The Physio Movement (TPM), Townsville physiotherapist Connor McKay is a firm believer in using functional exercise to prevent injuries, improve performance and support rehabilitation. This holistic approach is the ethos of The Physio Movement which combines various allied health services to improve outcomes for clients. We sat down with Connor to learn more about their recent business expansion and how their holistic approach is positioning the business at the forefront of health and fitness in North Queensland. 

1. What is The Physio Movement’s biggest point of difference when it comes to health and wellbeing?

The Physio Movement is a holistic allied health hub focused towards doing whatever it takes to get our patients better. We combine Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Exercise Physiology, Remedial Massage and Dietetics under the one roof, with our Performance Centre on-site being the home for all of these services to function for a range of age groups and injuries.

TPM’s biggest point of difference is the fact we honestly go the extra mile. This is something myself and the Business Directors stress daily to our staff. Any staff that don’t fit the mould don’t tend to survive in the clinic. We are often treating highly ambitious people who are eager to get back to their daily activities and their sporting endeavours, so being able to come up with every possible solution to a problem is the route we try to take.

2. TPM has recently expanded to include a new health clinic. What is the plan for the new space?

We were excited to announce our expansion into 515 Flinders Street to add to our existing space at 517-519 Flinders Street. This space opens up extra treatment space and room for additional practitioners of which we plan to add a new Podiatrist, Chiropractor and Physiotherapist in 2022.

3. How did the business adapt during COVID-19? 

We were quite lucky at TPM that we were able to adapt quite well to the challenges COVID brought. Almost overnight we set up a completely digital appointment program, and were able to transfer our non-essential clients to home-based therapy programs. Our main challenge (like many other local businesses) was in recruitment, being able to lure those out of COVID-affected areas while faced with quarantine. 

4. How has TPM’s Performance Centre enabled the business to be at the forefront of rehabilitation?

Our Performance Centre was built in 2019 to help us provide our point of difference with rehabilitation. Townsville has a severe lack of private performance and rehabilitation facilities, and we felt as though it was an important step for us to take as a business to help the local population with returning to their sports and other activities. It’s also been extremely helpful in staff recruitment and retention, ensuring they have all the equipment they need to do their job effectively.

5. Going forward, what is next on the cards for TPM?

Future planning for TPM is more focused towards refining the services we provide. We have gone through a period of extensive growth and have realised this cannot go on forever, so to ensure we remain in a sustainable position we are working towards ensuring every patient is happy with the service that they get and continue to feel as though they are part of the TPM family.





Compiled by the BDmag editorial team