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In the past two decades I have recruited, managed and developed remote teams of people to deliver both mine and my client’s objectives around the world.  Balancing the two sets of objectives with remote teams (and different time zones) can be challenging and indeed a lot can go wrong.  Let’s look at some classic mistakes […]

Did you know that grant funding available to businesses from the 2019 Townsville floods remains unclaimed?  The unfortunate reality is, that in times of crisis, business owners are often so overwhelmed trying to keep their head above water, that applying for grant opportunities can easily be put in the “too hard” basket.  This week, Premier […]

The Matchmakers Helping Companies Meet Demand

In today’s hiring climate, many businesses and job seekers are turning to recruitment services to help source a suitable match.  Despite the current climate proving to be a challenge for many industries, particularly in the hospitality and entertainment sectors, there has never been a more relevant and critical time for the use of recruitment services […]

Styling Your Next Video Conference

With many of us working from home, it’s worth bearing in mind that we still communicate a message about our business vision or brand personality through our video calls.  Principal designer at Ethos Interiors, Anna Williams, has been helping business owners create an impression for nearly a decade by designing offices that represent both the […]

Bright spark leading the industry in dark times

Twenty seven years on from his electrical apprenticeship, John Horan has come full circle as the President of Master Electricians Australia, an organisation which mentored him in the early days of starting an electrical company so successful, it was bought out by Australia’s largest energy provider. John and his wife Rosemarie started their electrical business […]

Welcome back to BDmag Online!

Welcome back to BDmag Online! As a PR Consultant and former freelance writer for the magazine, I’ve felt a real gap in the market since BDmag ceased publication in December 2018, and from the positive response I’ve received since sharing my goal of relaunching an online version, it seems many of you have missed it […]

Cultural Trailblazer

A difficult childhood can make or break a person. In the case of Alana Kennedy, CEO of Ochre Bloke, it has made her a resilient entrepreneur, and an inspiration to Indigenous people everywhere in realizing that the challenges were in fact “moments of impact”. Growing up in a remote location overcoming challenges like identity disconnection, […]

Women of Achievement

The Women of Achievement events connect North Queensland’s leading experts and researchers, female founders, entrepreneurial visionaries, truth-tellers, innovators, thought leaders and dynamic women in business who inspire and elevate each other. This year’s Women of Achievement luncheon presented a commanding collective of women who shared honest, inspirational and raw stories which we share for you […]

iNQ 2.0: Innovation Evolution

If the terms ‘startup’, ‘entrepreneurial ecosystem’ and ‘collaborative environment’ get your motor running then you’re definitely reading the right rag, but more specifically you’ve come to the right page. If you’re not already familiar with the workings of Innovate NQ (iNQ) then you soon will be. It’s been a startup for startups in the Townsville region since 2014—the hive […]

From High Flyer to Flying High

As a high-flying professional in corporate America, Heather MacKenzie thought she had the world at her feet, until she was the survivor of a sexual assault in the workplace case that would change her life completely and lead her here to North Queensland. It was 2014 when Heather MacKenzie was working as an executive for a healthcare […]