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Business Professionals Week


If you’re a business professional looking for low-cost, high reward networking and professional development opportunities, HAYS Business Professionals Week (BPW) has got you covered.

Running from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th October this year, BPW2018 will offer business professionals and graduates the opportunity to participate and engage with industry leaders across a variety of events in our region.

Comprising of local, national and internationally recognised presenters and leaders; BPW offers an opportunity to learn, share and embrace new and innovative ideas to connect employees and businesses. BPW utilises a vocal platform to address regional issues and overcome skill gaps via intensive professional development programs.

“Now in its sixth year, the event originally started as an opportunity for graduates to link together with businesses, as well as provide professional development for core industry groups,” according to Ged Welsh, HAYS Regional Director for North Queensland.

“Running over six years, BPW has had significant growth in Townsville,” he said. “Hays BPW presents a unique opportunity for North QLD-based industry leaders and business professionals to come together to share market insights, innovative ideas and industry knowledge. We offer a plethora of events suitable for everyone from graduates through to senior business professionals, and we welcome you in joining us again this year for BPW 2018.”

Ged explains that this year’s topics will cover an extensive range of businesses from all different industries this year, including mining, accounting, law, science, human resources as well as SMEs.

“There will also be new mental health in the workplace focus days. Other topics cover business growth and global trading, strategic human resources, practical approach in procurement, regulator rally and managing millennials.”

Furthermore, Hays will be hosting the Annual ‘Hays Salary Guide’ launch on Tuesday 16th July 2018.

The events will be hosted by top nationally and internationally recognised industry bodies, and will be an outstanding opportunity for local professionals to network, discuss relevant industry issues, complete intensive professional development, and connect with relevant industry body representatives.

BPW promises an event to appeal to all progressive business people, from graduates to company directors, across professional services, construction and mining, commercial, government and the not-for-profit sectors.

“Most professional development events are free of charge,” Ged said.

“However, some include lunch or breakfast at a small fee of approximately $50.”

Last year’s event included day time and evening events at various locations across the city and James Cook University. This year, Ged said there will be even more on offer.

“The highlights this year will be the focus days for small business support and mental health in the workplace,” he said.

“These include Yoga in the Perfume Gardens and Drumbeat on Flinders Street.

“Another highlight to mention is the development forum – this is for young professionals who want to learn key skills as the next generation of leaders in Townsville.”

Catering for a vast range of professional industry groups including Accounting, Law, Human Resources, Engineering, Construction and Mining, Commercial, Government and Not-For-Profit, there really is something for everyone at HAYS Business Professionals Week.



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