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Build, Borrow or Buy?

Dean Tuckey and Sherren Edkins

Business Growth in Northern Queensland

The 2012 book “Build, Borrow or Buy: Solving the Growth Dilemma,” by Laurence Capron and Will Mitchell makes the case that while many organisations are adept at sketching out a growth-focused strategy, many of them suffer with implementation. According to Capron and Mitchell, there are three fundamental ways to implement any business growth strategies:

white writing on blue background - principals of Build, Borrow, Buy

Over the past five years PVW Partners has seen business growth with adopting the strategies of ‘Build’ – investing in the personal, professional, and technical development of their team and ‘Buy’ – successful mergers with several great North Queensland accounting firms.

Today’s labour market is characterised by near record low levels of unemployment, competition for scarce resources, remote work arrangements (meaning that employers are competing nationally and even internationally – no longer just locally), higher employment costs (both salaries and on-costs) and layers of employer related compliance costs.

Northern Queensland’s businesses need to be better than ever at attracting, developing, and retaining their people. Carl Valentine, Managing Partner, says PVW take on board the Capon and Mitchell strategies and believe that fostering the careers of young professionals is essential to the success of the business.

“We build the future accountants and advisors in our region by taking on large groups of trainees and graduates and developing them personally, professionally, and technically,” Carl explains.

“As those team members build skills, experience, and confidence, we then promote them into more senior roles. We also seek out and recruit senior and experienced people to join us, buying talent where we can.”

PVW recently announced eleven promotions within their team, with seven of those eleven team members having joined PVW as trainees or graduates. Some of those promotions reflect the very first significant milestones in their careers. For others, like Sarah Bowrey who was promoted to Partner and Mandeep Singh who was promoted to Executive, their promotions reflect long-term success and personal development to reach the most senior levels in PVW’s business.

Promoted Staff

Sarah Bowrey – Partner

Mandeep Singh – Executive

Jason Donoghue – Senior Manager

Letitia Kowski – Manager

Vicki Jones – Manager

Michael Tompkins – Specialist Advisor

Sarah Jeffers – Senior Consultant Manager

Rachel Gangemi – Senior Consultant

Olivia Oakley – Consultant

Samantha Crossley – Operations Coordinator

Jennifer Faithful – Assistant

“Our team feel safe and secure in the knowledge we are investing in them, they have options with PVW Partners when it comes to career opportunities.”Carl Valentine, Managing Partner PVW Partners

Carl says that another important element of PVW Partners’ growth has been the creation of a People and Performance Advisory service, led by Dean Tuckey and Sherren Edkins, to assist both team members and clients with specifically designed leadership and development programmes.

“Dean and Sherren design and implement leadership and development programmes that will improve both an individual as well as business performance.

“For PVW, these programmes are enhancing both personal and professional skills for our team, which in turn is being reflected in the experiences their clients receive.

“Dean and Sherren are well known in their field and are in high demand from other North Queensland businesses seeking to implement their programmes.”

Dean Tuckey and Sherren Edkins of PVW Partners

PVW Partners has grown to a team of 60 across Cairns, Innisfail and Townsville and are North Queensland’s largest locally owned and operated tax, accounting, and business advisory firm with a proud 100-year history in the region. They have the local context, technical expertise knowledge and experience. They live by the purpose, “Regional Australians Growing Regional Australia.”

PVW are always on the lookout to recruit experienced Accountants, Bookkeepers and Business Advisors, and will continue to offer opportunities for trainees and graduates to join the firm.

PVW Best Employer Award at Townsville Chamber of Commerce 140 year celebrations


Compiled by the BDmag editorial team


Compiled by the BDmag editorial team