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JESI Raises Funds For Global Growth

JESI Raises Funds For Global Growth


Townsville born remote worker and journey management startup, JESI, is now having their global growth fast tracked after securing a $4.5 million-dollar funds injection from Microsoft aligned Venture firm, Future Now Capital Management. 

Launched in Townsville by CEO Joe Hoolahan in 2014, JESI is a Software Solution that improves the protection, monitoring and management of remote and mobile workforces. The company assists to reduce the number of accidents, injuries, and delays amongst remote workers by allowing enterprise customers to track the location of their remote employees at any given time. However, amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, its software is now being used to manage remote workforces and ensure they are compliant with safety standards. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has meant this tech has suddenly become applicable to remote workers all over Australia, including those that work from home, and in all kinds of sectors,” says the newly appointed Chairman, Brad Seymour, who was previously the co-founder of Wizard Home Loans. 

“COVID has heightened awareness about staff management and the use of technology, which has increased the use of our platform.”

Now headquartered in Brisbane, JESI has a strong global presence in the global sector, with more than 50 clients across 16 countries, including Rio Tinto, Orica, BHP and Sandvik. Brad says the backing from Future Now will ensure JESI can continue to increase the value of their offering and accelerate their global growth. 

JESI Founder and CEO, Joe Hoolahan.

“While JESI has secured smaller chunks of capital in the past, this funding from Future Now is our first major round and will continue to help us grow on a global scale,” explains Brad. 

“There are various opportunities that lie in this development and partnership with Future Now Capital Management.”

“Since Future Now has an established partnership with Microsoft, JESI will get the opportunity to gain exposure to more programs and distribution channels.”

JESI is the first investment for the Future Now Capital Management, a specialised investment firm based in Sydney that is focused on fast growth companies that develop cloud, mobile and enterprise technology services. This investment funding, combined with the recent appointment of Chairperson Brad Seymour, means JESI has the capability to expand their staff, service capabilities and development projects.

“This capital enables us to build the technology and bring in the right resources and people to deliver against the promise that is JESI,” continues Brad.

“We have reworked the language around the software’s use and are now looking to grow our staff from 8 to around 30 in the next 12-18 months.

“Especially now that the business experienced a steady growth in revenue and has seen the most usage of the platform in history thus far.” 

Brad says the support from Townsville locals has been vital in ensuring the success of JESI, especially since more than half of JESI’s investors are from the North Queensland region. 

“The cohort of people in Townsville are focused on helping businesses do things differently,” continues Brad.

“Townsville has enough mass and infrastructure to actually take on investments like this and support businesses and startups to break out. It really sends the signal that you don’t necessarily have to go overseas to get that great support.

“This next generation of North Queenslanders are passionate about supporting startups and innovations, and it is incredible to see such a large focus in North Queensland on the success of these businesses.” 

Newly appointed Chairman of JESI, Brad Seymour.

This funding has now enabled JESI to develop a sustainable long-term strategy to expand on their opportunities with current customers, integrate their service with other existing platforms, and ultimately contribute to a vibrant, innovative ecosystem of high growth tech businesses.

“The first plan is to execute and expand on current opportunities with existing customers, and we also have a pipeline of potentially very large multinational customers that we have already engaged with and see the value of the JESI solution for their organisations. So, there is definitely lots of growth in our system ready to be delivered,” continues Brad.

“We then have plans to integrate with platforms that currently exist because whilst our product works great standalone, what we see in the future is the ability to exist in an environment and ecosystem with other technology solutions that help them to track their assets and more seamlessly manage their operating systems.

“Then the main thing is that we have really valuable data to understand the movement of people and the ways in which people can plan this better, from both a safety and efficiency point of view.

“I am incredibly excited about the opportunity for JESI to grow exponentially with Future Now’s backing and it truly is great to see such a large cohort of people in North Queensland supporting innovation and local startups.”

Georgie Desailly.



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