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Accelerating Innovation

Smart Precinct NQ Accelerating Innovation | BDmag Oct-Dec 2023
In the vibrant world of innovation, Smart Precinct NQ is the partner, connector, catalyst, and launchpad for innovative ideas and new business in North Queensland.

Smart Precinct NQ (SPNQ) Chief Executive Officer, Cassandra Cazzulino, says the hub is the dynamic link to the people, industry, and resources to help you fast track your idea and find those important commercial pathways.

“Our team are brilliant at helping you take your concept from startup to scale up, we identify your needs and gaps and help you navigate barriers to ensure you’re ready to launch your big idea, and more importantly be ready for investment.

Smart Precinct NQ regularly hold industry events throughout Townsville and neighbouring regions.
Accelerating Innovation | BDmag Oct-Dec 2023
Smart Precinct NQ regularly hold industry events and site tours throughout Townsville and neighbouring regions.

“We provide support, guidance and upskilling to ensure you have a higher chance of success and you get to work with other entrepreneurs that are experiencing similar challenges.

In addition to being your super connector to tap into knowledge and networks to help you succeed, we will give you the pat on the back when you need it and be your critical friend to keep you accountable and on track if you need that too.”

The comprehensive support is delivered through a range of resources designed to empower growth. From skill-building workshops to tailored start-up accelerators, incubator programs, and seasoned business growth advisors, they provide the tools and support needed at every step.

“Anyone and everyone can innovate, and we want to help you develop your business or product ideas.”

Cassandra says Smart Precinct NQ is at the forefront of the evolving business landscape and are currently rolling out a project with the Queensland Government to assist business and industry to innovate and transition to a Circular Economy.

“This will be on every business’ agenda in the future,” she says.

“It’s about using valuable business resources wisely, think about waste as a resource instead of a cost, and finding innovative ways to reuse, repurpose or even remanufacture to save or make money whist protecting our greatest resource, nature.

“It’s meaningful work, we are about to deliver a local fund to support business and industry innovation that will have a lasting impact on our city and our natural resources like the reef. It’s a collaborative effort and we want to involve as many businesses as possible to consider the power of sustainable innovation.”

Don’t waste your idea any longer, schedule a discovery session and learn how you can bring it to life by contacting the team at the Smart Precinct on 1300 467 119 or .

Smart Precinct NQ "Dare to Think Circular".
Accelerating Innovation | BDmag Oct-Dec 2023

Main image: Smart Precinct NQ’s Business Hub is located at 143 Walker Street, Townsville City.

Image credits: All images supplied.

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Compiled by the BDmag editorial team


Compiled by the BDmag editorial team