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5 Ways to Create a Cracking Capability Statement

Have you noticed that everyone who’s anyone is asking for a Capability Statement right now?

You know your business and you know you can do the work so here are my top 5 tips to create a banging Capability Statement so you can get on with getting the job done.

#1 – Keep it short and sweet

Your Capability Statement should be around 2-4 pages (think both sides of 1-2 pages of A4). The front page should include all the pertinent details of the business including logo, tagline, ABN and ACN, address, telephone numbers, website, and social media handles. If your business has powerful vision and mission statements, they can be included on the front page too. Your core capabilities should come next so brainstorm with your team and if the list is long, group them. If you are short on space, you don’t need to include company values. If you operate in a sector that is very values driven, then keep it in.

#2 – Bullet points are your friend

Particularly in technical industries such as construction and science when more detail is required, use bullet points or tables to cover core capabilities, services offered, certificates held, and major clients. If these lists are still too long and need cutting back, only use information that applies to the audience you are writing for. Your Capability Statement should be tailored with the reader in mind.

#3 – Show them what you can do

A good indicator of future performance is (generally) past performance. Consider the audience of your capability statement and tailor accordingly. For example, if you are using your Capability Statement to apply for a government tender, include other government projects or projects of a similar value in your portfolio. If you are using your statement to become a preferred supplier for another business, show other successful relationships you’ve maintained of a similar nature. Use testimonials as social proof of your business capabilities. Again, these should be short and sweet and answer the questions; what was life like for your client before using your product or service? And what is life like now? Include awards received or other ways the business has been recognised.

#4 – Does it look good?

A Capability Statement is a marketing and business development tool and should be treated as such. The document should tie in with your business branding so make sure the colour scheme, font pairings and logos are in line with your style guide. If you are planning on providing a hard copy of your statement then choose high quality, thick, glossy paper.

#5 – Get your Capability Statement proof-read

Last but not least, ask someone to proofread your Capability Statement. Your proof-reader should consider readability and flow, grammar and spelling, the general visual of your document, and most importantly, does it answer the questions; what do we do and how well do we do it?

Natalie Dukes

Natalie Dukes

Natalie Dukes is the founder and owner of Red Copy, a writing service based in North Queensland. Red Copy's mission is to inspire, create and strengthen your businesses' relationships through authentic, thought-provoking and engaging copy.