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5 Minutes With… Charlene Keller of Earth:en

Paul and Charlene Keller, founders of Earthen Australian Enriched skincare. BDmag 5 Minutes With... Charlene Keller of Earthen. September 2023

Combining an appreciation for the health benefits of fresh produce, a persistent search for products to suit her sensitive skin, and her knowledge as a Pharmacist, has led Charlene Keller to found the Earth:en Australian Enriched range of skincare alongside her husband, Paul.

Tell us about yourself and Earth:en.

My husband, Paul, and I combined our knowledge as Pharmacists and pharmacy owners, with a passion to create a unique skincare range which harnesses the fruits of nature. Our Earth:en Australian Enriched skincare range is a powerful blend of farmed and Australian wild harvested native fruits, which work in synergy to provide a luxurious product range that is completely clean beauty, and vegan and pregnancy friendly. We carefully chose essential oils as natural fragrances to incorporate into the products, without using any perfume or artificial fragrances.

I grew up in Innisfail, with the sight of cane trains running alongside my parents’ yard and tractors transporting papaya and bananas to the packing sheds being prominent memories from my childhood. It is evident that rural produce farming has had a long-lasting impact into adulthood, in regards to how we choose to nourish our family with the best of fruit and vegetables each day. Combine this with my persistent search to find skincare products that suit my sensitive skin type, without causing allergic reactions or aggravating acne, has always been an issue. Furthermore, the extemporaneous dispensing component of pharmacy is an enjoyable and important aspect of our scope of work. All these factors combined led to the idea of crafting a luxurious skincare range of our own.

Our brand ethos is invested in the traceability of the fruits, which are the hero ingredients in each of our products, directly to the farming regions in Australia. We have successfully made contact with some of the farmers who have provided the fruit, which is then converted into fruit extracts. It is through a high-quality extraction process, that the nutritional benefits of the fruit are preserved and are subsequently able to be utilised in our range of skincare.

Earth:en Skincare Range.

BDmag "5 Minutes With... Charlene Keller of Earth:en". September 2023

What has been the most challenging aspect of starting/owning Earth:en?

The level of detail required in each step of formulating the products, from start to finish was a phenomenal process. Building relationships with a team of people who have differing roles, but whom all shared a valuable contribution to our product development, was another challenge in the process.

Maintaining the brand ethos and establishing direct lines of traceability of the fruit to growing regions and specific farmers, separates our products from others on the market.  Consumers are really becoming connected with their brands and love the transparency of knowing what is in the products they are purchasing, so we have taken that one step further.

We have successfully manufactured a natural skincare range, which has sensitive skin in mind, but most of all was crafted from a unique set of circumstances.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

As I previously mentioned, I was born and raised in Innisfail, which has a rich and diverse history in producing top quality tropical fruits, such as papaya and bananas. Paul also has family heritage in produce farming in the Burdekin area and enjoyed many holidays “on the farm”. We truly value spending time with our son and daughter visiting the beautiful Cassowary Coast and Atherton Tablelands regions.

Our skincare range will be sure to resonate with the most passionate fresh food loving person, who is conscious about using ethically formulated and sustainably sourced products on their skin. We like to refer to Earth:en as a “farm-to-skin” brand of skincare, which highlights the importance of nourishing our skin with the best of what nature has to offer.

Charlene Keller in Innisfail on a banana plantation.

BDmag 5 Minutes With... Charlene Keller of Earth:en. September 2023
Charlene at an Innisfail banana plantation

What is the best piece of career or business advice you have ever received?

“Always treat others how you wish to be treated yourself” was strongly instilled as a key principle in my upbringing and has always resonated with me. I have always found this to be true, and have aimed to uphold this simple piece of advice as I progressed through my school years and into adulthood. It is just as valid now, in every aspect of life and how we choose to interact with others, as it was back then

Going forward, what is next on the cards for Earth:en?

We feel such gratitude that the range of products we have formulated are to a high standard and we have been very mindful of value for money, at the same time. We hope to introduce consumers to our skincare range Earth:en and allow them to experience the benefits of Australia’s finest ingredients.

We were excited to have recently been featured in WHO Magazine and Sitchu Sydney, and we were also featured at the Beauty Expo in Sydney in August this year and are awaiting the results of the Prevention Beauty Awards in October.

We’ve already made plans for a subsequent line of products in our expanded range, which have some different and very exciting fruit combinations. We are looking to partner with bricks and mortar retail and online stores. If you are interested in being a stockist, find out more, or just want to try Earth:en for yourself, please visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

Paul and Charlene Keller

Main image – Paul and Charlene Keller, Founders of Earth:en Australian Enriched skincare.

Images Credits – All images supplied.

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Compiled by the BDmag editorial team


Compiled by the BDmag editorial team