North Queensland Stadium project already benefiting North Queenslanders

In 2020 the gates of the North Queensland Stadium will swing open in Townsville in time for the start of the National Rugby League season, but the $250 million project being delivered by the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning is already realising far-reaching benefits. With main build works on the project set […]


Is Townsville The Healthiest City In The World?

How shocked would you be if you found out that Townsville was not only considered the healthiest place in Australia – but also the world? Dr Anne Steinemann, Professor of Civil Engineering and Chair of Sustainable Cities at the University of Melbourne, and Adjunct Professor of Science and Engineering at James Cook University, studies healthy […]


Collaboration Not Legislation

The change our building industry needs – collaboration not legislation. What does it take to inspire industry-wide change? Martin Locke, Managing Director of Martin Locke Homes (MLH), believes Townsville’s Construction Industry has proven it has the power to achieve it, after the MLH team and over 60 of it’s trade and supply partners banded together […]


Live It Like A Local, Love It Like A Local

Townsville. For some it’s a destination, a hashtag, a photo opportunity. But for the lucky few of us, it’s home. Our own pocket of paradise. A splendorous backyard of sun kissed ocean and warm sandy beaches smack bang between the dusty outback, lush rainforest and one of the seven wonders of the world. The life […]